LOS ANGELES — Jennifer Siebel Newsom, a documentary filmmaker and the wife of the California governor, Gavin Newsom, began testifying on Monday that Harvey Weinstein had sexually assaulted her when she was an actor starting out in the industry.

Ms. Siebel Newsom was the fourth Californian accuser to testify before a packed courtroom in the Los Angeles criminal trial against Mr. Weinstein. He was convicted in New York on 2020 charges of rape, and criminal sexual assault.

She spoke out about the power imbalance that she faced in meeting Mr. Weinstein at the Toronto International Film Festival 2005. She also gave a detailed account of the brutal assault she suffered at a Beverly Hills hotel a few weeks later. Prosecutors claimed that Weinstein was known for approaching young actresses such as Ms. Siebel, showing interest in their careers and then later sexually assaulting them.

Ms. Siebel Newsom stated that Mr. Weinstein had taken her from his hotel suite to drag or carry her. He then grabbed her breasts and forced her to take off her underwear. Then he pierced her with his fingers. “He was hurting me,” On Monday, she described the encounter to be hers. “worst nightmare.”

She stated that Mr. Weinstein had forced her to undergo oral copulation.

Ms. SiebelNewsom claimed that she sensed that Mr. Weinstein knew the situation was not normal and consensual. She continued, “I’m crying, I’m trembling, I’m shaking.”

Los Angeles District Attorney Michael Weinstein has brought 11 charges against him, including one count for sexual penetration with foreign objects by force and two counts for sexual battery by restraint. These acts involved five women and were committed between 2004 and 2013, in Los Angeles, Calif., and Beverly Hills, Calif.

Only court documents referred to the women as “Jane Does,” Her lawyer has identified Ms. Siebel Newsom as one of them.

Mr. Weinstein’s defense team has maintained his innocence regarding all of the charges, including those relating to Ms. Siebel Newsom. Mr. Weinstein’s lawyers began questioning Ms. Siebel Newsom on Monday and will continue their cross-examination on Tuesday.

During his opening statements, one of Mr. Weinstein’s lawyers, Mark Werksman, characterized what had happened between his client and Ms. Siebel Newsom as a “consensual sexual relationship” that she engaged in because she wanted Mr. Weinstein’s help to get ahead in the film industry.

Ms. SiebelNewsom was nervous and emotional Monday as she addressed a packed audience of witnesses, media personnel, and survivors of sexual abuse. “I’m sorry — I just need to take a deep breath,” She said.

Ms. SiebelNewsom began to cry when asked to identify Mr. Weinstein. “He’s staring at me.”

During Monday’s testimony, Ms. Siebel Newsom said that when she had first met Mr. Weinstein, she was 31 and working as an actress while producing small films and developing scripts.

“He was like the kingmaker — he was the top of the industry,” She said.

According to her, Mr. Weinstein approached Ms. Siebel Newsom at an event where she was present. Ms. Siebel Newsom stated that he later invited her to a bar for a discussion about her career. She said she believed he was genuine interested in her work. She continued, “I didn’t realize it was like manipulation.”

Ms. Siebel Newsom made the first allegations against Mr. Weinstein. 2017 HuffPost essay In which she describes being invited to meet him in a hotel about a possible role in a upcoming film.

“Staff were present and then all of a sudden disappeared like clockwork, leaving me alone with this extremely powerful and intimidating Hollywood legend,” Ms. Siebel Newsom wrote. “I was naïve, new to the industry, and didn’t know how to deal with his aggressive advances.”

The New York Times reported that Weinstein had, for decades, been paying women who accuse him of sexual misconduct. The article was published the day after The New York Times’s report. “I believe every word that was written in The New York Times, because very similar things happened to me,” The essay’s headline should be read.

Prosecutors described last month’s opening statements a pattern of Weinstein behavior: Weinstein would invite women to his suite, force their way into their rooms, and then assault them. Often, he was wearing a bathrobe.

After meeting Ms. Siebel Newsom at Toronto’s film festival, Mr. Weinstein invited her to his Los Angeles hotel. “discuss her career,” Paul Thompson, the deputy District Attorney, said it last month.

Ms. Siebel Newsom was not acquainted with Mr. Newsom. Ms. Siebel Newsom began to date Mr. Newsom about a year later. He was the mayor of San Francisco at the time. Mr. Thompson stated that they had seen Mr. Weinstein at various political events and that he had donated money.

Mr. Weinstein’s defense lawyer, Mr. Werksman, questioned Ms. Siebel Newsom’s credibility in his opening statement last month, noting that she could not recall the exact timing of the alleged rape and that afterward, she had stayed in touch with Mr. Weinstein.

“She brought her husband to meet and party with the man who raped her — who does that?” Last month, Mr. Werksman stated. He described Ms. Siebel Newsom as “just another bimbo who slept with Harvey Weinstein to get ahead,” It elicits gasps from the people seated in courtroom.

Though Mr. Weinstein still has 21 years left to serve in a New York prison, that state’s highest court recently allowed Mr. Weinstein to appeal His 2020 conviction has increased the stakes of his Los Angeles trial.

A life sentence could be handed down to him if he is found guilty in California.