The Sunday Review

Israel will “take steps to strengthen settlement” in Answer to shooting attacks in Jerusalem Friday and Saturday, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has said.

A six-point list to “fight terrorism and exact a price from terrorists and those who support them” This was published to Netanyahu’s Facebook page overnight Saturday after a meeting of Israel’s Security Cabinet.

“In response to the abhorrent attacks and the celebrations in their wake, Prime Minister Netanyahu has decided on steps to strengthen settlement that will be submitted this week,” The statement is as follows:

The document did not give any details on the settlement process. be strengthened.

There are also additional penalties for families. of terrorists.

“The home of the terrorist who carried out the terrorist attack in Jerusalem will be sealed immediately ahead of its demolition,” The first item on the list is read.

Additional benefits and national insurance rights for families of Terrorists will be Revocations are made along with the owners. Israeli Identification cards to This statement.

Seven people died and three were injured in an attack on Friday by a gunman at a synagogue near the city’s outskirts. of Jerusalem.

Also, Saturday is a 13-year-old boy allegedly Shot and wounded father and son in East Jerusalem before being “neutralized”Police said that the incident was caused by two people with licensed firearms.

Israeli Police investigate both instances to be terror attacks.

The post-meeting response was also received. says that, “Firearm licensing will be expedited and expanded in order to enable thousands of additional citizens to carry weapons” and, “The reinforcement of military and police units, expanded arrests and focused operations to collect illegal weapons will be carried out.”

An assertion by Israeli Police later confirmed that the family’s home was destroyed by police on Sunday. of It was sealed that the gunman behind the attack on the synagogue’s premises had been captured.

“Tonight, the police forces of the Jerusalem district, fighters of the Border Police, the IDF (Israel Defense Forces), operated in the A-Tor area in East Jerusalem to seal off the house of the terrorist who carried out a shooting attack yesterday evening in Neve Ya’akov, in which seven people were murdered,” The statement was read.

“The terrorist’s house was seized on the night of the attack by police and security forces who evacuated its occupants and arrested the terrorist’s relatives and family members. Tonight, the sealing of all the openings of the house was carried out,” It went on.

Police previously identified the gunman – who was killed in Shootout with police in The aftermath of Friday’s attack – as a 21-year-old resident of East JerusalemSay it! in A statement that he made to You have done it all alone.

East Jerusalem This is predominantly a Palestinian region of The city.