First lady Jill Biden He was heard on You can find more information at hot mic Monday discussion about an exotic honeymoon destination days after her granddaughter’s wedding.

The first couple’s granddaughter Naomi Biden28-year-old Judith and Peter Neal were married Saturday at The White House. appears?, based on the first lady’s remarks, that the Indian Ocean nation of the Seychelles is where they will be honeymooning.

“So, they went on a honeymoon … in the Seychelles,” At a, the first lady was heard telling an unsuspecting person. “Friendsgiving” Marine Corps Air Station Cherry Point, North Carolina – An event for troops on Monday.  

Detail of President Biden’s granddaughter’s apparent post-wedding plans does not appear to These were previously reported.

The first couple’s granddaughter Naomi Biden Peter Neal, her husband, was married to her Saturday at the White House.
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Hunter Biden
Hunter’s son Naomi is Naomi’s daughter Biden Kathleen Buhle, his ex-wife.
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The White House and the spokesperson for First Lady did not respond immediately to The Post’s requests for comment or offer an alternative explanation for the remark.

The secluded Seychelles archipelago off Africa’s east coast is notably where Prince William and Kate Middleton chose to Spend their royal honeymoon Back in 2011. They went on a post-nuptial vacation to Luxury villa on Accommodations on the exclusive North Island of the Seychelles start at $6,000 per person. 

Naomi’s White House wedding on Saturday was off limits to Press. The White House took the extreme step to close access. to Just across the street is a public parkland to keep prying eyes away from the 80-year-old president’s granddaughter’s wedding. 

“So, they went on a honeymoon … in the Seychelles.”
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Naomi is the daughter of the president’s scandal-plagued son Hunter Biden Kathleen Buhle, his ex-wife.

Among the 250 guests reportedly at the couple’s wedding were former Sen. Chris Dodd and former President Donald Trump’s onetime personal lawyer Michael Cohen’s daughter Samantha, who went to Naomi, your college counselor

It was the 19th wedding. to Be held on The White House grounds.