“I’m not Derek Jeter. There will be no farewell tour,” he told Sports Illustrated in 2015.

In the same year, it was also that Syracuse Mike Hopkins has been designated, an ex-officio Syracuse Assistant coach for the player at that time as In waiting, the head coach. Hopkins quit waiting two years later and became the Washington head coach. He continued his coaching duties this season.

“He’s given his heart and soul to that school. I’m still surprised they don’t have a statue,” Hopkins, who served as an assistant to the undersecretary of State. Boeheim Available for 22 seasons. “You think of Syracuse University, you think of Jim Boeheim.”

Boeheim has had transcendent stars from time to time — most notably Pearl Washington, Derrick Coleman and Carmelo Anthony — but his adherence to a matchup zone defense has been as Definition of a characteristic Syracuse Basketball as his team’s orange uniforms. He was as Known for its zone defense as Bob Knight was well-known for the motion offense while Pete Carril was famous for the Princeton offense.

“To have the — just the belief in a zone to never get out of it,” New Mexico Coach Richard Pitino was Rick’s son. Boeheim’s adherence to the tactic. “I mean when somebody hits a 3 versus a zone, I get out of that the thing so fast.”

The game of college basketball became more open, but the Orange remained true to their zone. When they were successful, these teams often confused opponents at the N.C.A.A. Tournament to those who are not used it. 11 seed, you are a No. 11 seed, Syracuse San Diego State defeated West Virginia, then West Virginia in order to reach the 16th round during the 2021 N.C.A.A. tournament.

It was especially satisfying. Boeheim given that his youngest son, Buddy, was the team’s star.

Boeheim Also coached Jimmy’s son, Jimmy. Fans thought that it was the best time for their father’s exit. However Boeheim Instead, he said that he would keep going and suggested at times that he could continue coaching into his 80s.