Matt Quatraro is the manager. He has coached the team in the playoffs six times in seven years, each time with teams that are low-payroll. Quatraro served as an assistant hitting coach in Cleveland, and was a third base coach and bench coach in Tampa Bay. The pitching coach, Brian Sweeney, spent the last five seasons on Cleveland’s staff.

Tampa Bay, unlike Cleveland and Cleveland, hasn’t won any championships since 1948. However, these teams remain perennial contenders regardless of their spending power. They are The RoyalsIn the same low-payroll teams as you, there is also a need to Quatraro is able to help you figure it out.

“The margin of error for winning and losing is razor thin,” He said. “I mean, the Royals lost 97 games last year, but I guarantee you they were not losing, 8-0, in the second inning every night. How do you swing those games that you have a chance in the fifth, sixth, seventh inning in your favor?”

Quatraro was a former minor league catcher. Then he explained everything. Royals’ new aspirations.

“It’s also making the quote, unquote, ‘right decision,’ by objective measures, and then you keep compounding those decisions,” He said. “So just because it doesn’t work tonight, if you trust in why you’re making it, you keep doing it, and it’s going to work out in the long run, right?”

Well, usually. In the last game of the 2020 World Series, the Rays were infamously burned by this theory against the Los Angeles Dodgers. They stuck to Their strategy was to remove a starter pitcher after only two innings of the batting order. This even happened during a shutout. Blake Snell was removed, the bullpen took his place, and the season ended.