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The President is the best when it comes to gift-giving Joe Biden This is quite romantic. An interview with “The Drew Barrymore Show” The show aired Dec. 19. Dr. Michael Bidens interviewed the host of Talk-show to discuss their family tradition and relationship. Dr. Jill Biden It was revealed that every year, the President gives the same thoughtful gift: A handwritten poem.

“He has a book that he bought for me, and every year he writes a poem,” Jill shared. Barrymore asked. Joe He was asked if he wrote the poems each year by himself and he answered, “Of course I do. I have a lot to write about.” But he acknowledged the sentimental present “doesn’t quite do it” On its own, he is sure to receive a present. “I really enjoy shopping for Jill for gifts,” He said that with confidence he felt the same. “very good” This is his gift to her Christmas. “He pretty much gets it right,” Jill said. During the rest of the chat — which was their first joint interview on daytime TV as the president and first lady — they spoke about JoeHere are five of our suggestions JillBarrymore received a guided tour of the White House from Barrymore as he played the newwed game. Christmas decorations. You can see the full couple’s look ahead.