Teresa Giudice Taken to On Wednesday, her Instagram Page to Her new sister in law deserves praise Dr. Veronica RuelasOn her birthday, she was quickly able to attract the attention her ex-husband. Joe Giudice, who’s flirted with the Forgivity founder in the past.

After you have completed the Real Housewives of New Jersey Star appeared to shade her estranged sister in-law Melissa GorgaThe wife of the only sibling she has, Joe Gorga, by saying that Veronica is the sister she’s “always dreamed of,” Joe He reacted by making a suspicious comment and signaling to Their ongoing feud was a family dispute that he later ended.

“Happy Birthday to the sister I’ve always dreamed of. Veronica you have the most beautiful, wonderful soul I have ever encountered. Veronica when you enter a room it is as if a goddess walked in. You are beautiful and such a special powerful woman. I love you beyond words, thank you for being so amazing to me,” Teresa wrote the caption for Veronica and herself’s Jan 25th photo.

And then immediately after that Joe Sarcastically, wrote “I thought you loved Melissa.”

A screenshot was shared by Bravo Comments On Instagram, Joe’s shady comment was seen before it was ultimately erased and replaced with another.

RHONJ Joe Giudice Shades Melissa in Teresa Giudice Photo Comment

Joe’s new comment, the deported ex-RHONJ star wrote, “Beautiful,” He was immediately met by fans, who called him out on his post-and delete about Melissa Teresa’s drama.

“Lol you may have deleted your original comment but [Comments by Bravo] had already screenshot it!” Noted by one individual

“Your original comment was better!” wrote another, also adding a laughing-while-crying emoji.

RHONJ Joe Giudice Shares New Comment After Mentioning Melissa Drama

After many RHONJ The fans were astonished Joe’s original comment, they weighed in with messages on Bravo Comments‘s post.

“Juicy Joe coming in with the assist!” one person declared.

“Always getting involved in female drama,” An additional complaint was made.

“I can literally hear him saying this with his little smirk and chuckle,” A third was written.

The upcoming season will be RHONJ It is to be expected to shed light on Teresa’s latest drama, including the Gorgas’ reason for not attending her and Luis Ruelas‘ wedding, Teresa has been speaking about their feud frequently on her podcast, recently slamming the couple as “toxic.”

“I am always about family. But when family is toxic and is trying to hurt you, that’s when you need to step away, and that’s what I’m doing now,” Teresa spoke on the recent episode Namaste B$tches. “I’ve been taken for a fool. I’ve been dragged through the mud. My family did come on the show and betrayed me. It was an ultimate betrayal. If this wasn’t so like hurtful to me, so painful in my heart, I would have not been saying this whole time.”

The Real Housewives of New Jersey The premiere of season 13 airs Tuesday, February 7, 2009 at 9/8c (Bretton).