The Sunday Review

President Joe Biden is expected to Name former congressman Joe Kennedy III as his special envoy to Northern Ireland According to economic affairs to two people familiar with the plans, installing a member of one of the United States’ most famous political families to This is a crucial moment for the region.

Since Mick Mulvaney’s departure as White House Chief of Staff and a former Congressman, the position has been vacant.

Biden names former Massachusetts lawmaker during a period of Brexit-related tension Northern IrelandMonths ahead of the 25th Anniversary of the Good Friday Agreement, which brought an end to decades of violence among sectarian groups Northern Ireland.

Over the issue of the European Union and Britain, they have clashed. Northern Ireland Protocol, which regulates trade between countries. Northern Ireland And the remainder of the United Kingdom.

Biden was an active participant in the discussions, and pressed London as well as Brussels. to Visit to A peace agreement which would not jeopardize the long-awaited peace Northern Ireland. He has discussed the issue with three British Prime Ministers including Rishi Sunak. be Attained in April, on the occasion of the Good Friday Agreement’s anniversary.

US’s role special envoy to Northern Ireland Since President Bill Clinton installed Sen. George Mitchell, who helped to broker the Good Friday Agreement, this has been in effect for many decades.

Kennedy Is expected to Concentrate on economic issues and not political. Northern Ireland Since months, the country has been inaccessible to a functional government.

He will be Third member of the Kennedy Family serving as diplomats under Biden. Caroline KennedyThe daughter of John F. Kennedy, is Biden’s ambassador to Australia and Victoria KennedyTed, his widow KennedyAt the moment, he is ambassador to Austria.