An ex-national security advisor John Bolton On Monday, the accused was Biden Administration of “covering its posterior” with The shootdowns One of three unknown aerial Friday, February 5, 2009: Objects 

Bolton, the former US ambassador to the United Nations during the Bush administration, told NBC’s Kristen Welker on “Meet the Press NOW” Monday, he said that he believed “modifications to the technical aspects of surveillance” This could be contributing to an unprecedented amount of shootdowns In recent days.

He also claimed that Biden Administration seems to make policy regarding what should be done with objects entering US airspace “as it goes along.”

“Well, I’ve had some experience with confusion, disarray, and disorder in the White House. And what I sense here is confusion, disarray and disorder,” Bolton Welker. 

“But honestly a good part of this I think has come from the administration, trying to make it up as it goes along, covering its posterior as we say, and making initial assessments on the Chinese balloon in particular that turned out to be incorrect,” He disagreed. 

Three mysterious objects were brought down after an unidentified Chinese spy balloon hovered over the US several days before being shot down from the US coast by a fighter jet.

This week President Biden downplayed the spy balloon’s intrusions into US airspace as “not a major breach” and said he didn’t regret waiting for it to get over water before ordering the shootdown. 

Two weeks ago, a Chinese spy balloon was permitted to fly over the US until it was captured off the South Carolina coast.
Getty Images: US Navy/AFP

Bolton Also, they blasted Biden administration’s claim that Trump officials were unaware of threatening objects entering US airspace.

“I think that’s another political shot,” Bolton These were the allegations. 

“The administration has now changed its story on precisely that point multiple times. First, they said it happened, but it wasn’t detected. Then they said it happened, but it was assessed to be a weather phenomenon. Those are all things that go on at the NORAD level, perfectly understandably, and if there were failures then indeed they were failures that occurred that were not reported up,” He stated.

A Chinese spy balloon shot down off the South Carolina coast.
Bolton says He intends to attend the aforementioned event. Biden Ex-Trump officials briefed by the administration on balloon incursions under the former administration.

Bolton added, “Every senior Trump administration national security official has said they know nothing about it. So I think this idea that we can try and blame it on the prior administration is just not correct. We were never confronted, at least I’m not aware of it, with a decision – what do you do about a balloon that’s coming toward the coast of Alaska?”

It Biden In the days ahead, the administration intends to inform ex-Trump administration officials on previous possible balloon incursions. Bolton He indicated Monday that he would attend the briefing. 

“Well, they contacted me last week and I’m scheduled to have a briefing on Wednesday. I’m looking forward to it. I have even more questions now than when they first got in touch with me,” Bolton said, adding that he doesn’t know who will be giving the briefing and whether any other officials from the previous administration will be there.