Unplaced Strike to the We were heading towards victory with our groins. Lineker unable to Forgiveness and recovery the Fight to continue. 

Andrade was determined to win the Fight, but Lineker – who His protective cup was broken the blow – is ready to show the He is the world is the Be better of the two Brazilians – and reclaim his bantamweight crown in the process.

(*7*) he said. “Inside the cage, it’s one thing. You can see another way to view it. It is a fact is That he landed lots of things. of I was hurt a lot by his jabs. I wasn’t feeling his punches so much. I wasn’t afraid of His punches so I took them and wound up with a very bruised face.

“This fight will show that he didn’t beat me and that he wasn’t the one who took my belt. But like I said, none of us have anything to prove. We’re going to enter the cage, do our best, and in the end, we’ll see who will leave with their arms raised.”

Lineker is Known for being able to provide some of the The heaviest hands are in the game and likely to have a more impressive resume than the Record 35-9-1NC he owns to Date if not for high-profile issues regarding weight management.

Keep an eye out of this weekend’s clash in Bangkok however, he is Extremely focussed on the task in hand – and tells fans to Expect to See also: the Very best Version of the name nicknames ‘Hands of Stone’’.

“I noticed some gaps in [Andrade’s] game. I also noticed his strengths, so in some way, it will help and I certainly won’t take as many hits as I did in the last fight. So, the fact that I’ve already fought him, I believe it can help with some aspects of the Like his movements and attacks, fight.

“When I close my eyes, I see myself imposing my game, going up all the time, nonstop,” He stated. “And that’s what will happen. I’m training for this. One thing I never do in a fight is back off. I’m going to press all the time, and I’m going to do what I know how to do best, which is to fight.”

ONE Fight Night 7: Lineker v Andrade takes place Saturday February 25 4am GST at the Lumpinee Boxing Stadium in Bangkok. This is A night without to not to be missed. Mark your calendars. Download the ONE Use Super App to Get Your Go! to watch.onefc.com now!