An ex-president Donald Trump was reportedly refused by a federal judge Trump in contempt of court for not guaranteeing that he returned all the classified documents he’d taken from the White House, according to CNN And several Other outlets.

Many of these are Trump’s lawyers spent around 90 minutes inside Chief Judge Beryl Howell’s chambers in a closed-door hearing Friday at the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia.

Howell encouraged the Justice Department not to punish the former president but rather to work with him Trump’s team to bring the matter to a resolution, as ABC News was first to report.

The issue of the Trump side’s unwillingness to formally declare in writing that all records have been turned over, multiple outlets said.

Trump’s team asserts that he is cooperating.

The former president reportedly frustrated Justice Department officials in the months since FBI agents raided Mar-a-Lago’s golf resort and seized presidential records from his single term. They were to be held in the care of the National Archives and Records Administration. Court records indicate that the August search produced more than 100 classified documents along with thousands of other government documents.

The question is whether or not there are additional documents. Trump’s Florida resort ― or elsewhere ― has lingered.

Friday Trump’s lawyers did not respond to questions from press on the scene Their presence was noticed by the judges. According to some reports, a coalition of news media requested access but was denied.