Private jets, Chanel bags, luxury shopping sprees — that’s just another date for Julia Fox. In a Jan. 4, 2010 on “Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen“[The actor and model talked to us about their best celebrity dates. onThis suggests that the item may have been with Drake…the Champagne Papi himself. Cohen had already asked. FoxShe paused. a Deep in contemplation, moment. “I flew on a private jet, cuddled on the jet, landed, got some Chanel bags, it was just great,” She finally replied. “Who was the person?” Cohen asked. “I can’t say. I really really can’t say,” Fox I told him. “But, it was obviously an A lister.”

Later on Cohen tried again to discover the identity of the host in this episode. FoxHe solved the mystery of his date but with greater success. He began by stating that the internet was creating its own theories and name-dropping the most suspect. “OK, everyone wants to know if it was Drake that took you on that date,” Cohen inspired the “Uncut Gems” star. Fox He sighed in frustration, it seemed. a You’re less likely to be attacked. “Maybe,” She said, “With.” a Smile! a shrug, eliciting a The audience reacted strongly to her words and took them as their confirmation. “Very good, I love it — wow, how’d they figure that out?” Cohen said. “Shouldn’t have given me that shot,” Fox replied.

The last year was Fox Kanye West is a well-known celebrity who has a penchant for gifting, and Kanye West is not a stranger to luxurious living. FoxIn honor of the 32nd anniversary, her friends gave $10,000 Birkin bags to her. West organized the second date. a photograph taken in the restaurant where they were eating, complete with all of their clothes and a whole hotel suite. However, according to FoxShopping with Drake It was still ahead of the rest. For more information, watch the clip. on FoxThis is the alleged date DrakeTake a look at the pictures and try to combine them.