A nine-person jury was seated Tuesday, hear a trial that This will decide whether Tesla CEO is chosen. Elon Musk Investors are being cheated with false claims in Tweets for 2018 that He had secured financing for the private sale of his electric carmaker.

After a five hour process, opening statements were prepared for Wednesday. in It is anticipated that the case will include testimony from Musk To explain his Thinking while you are engaged in One of his favorite activities — tweeting on the Twitter service that he now owns.

The Tesla case is an example Musk’s tweets fueled a Gathering in the company’s stock price that abruptly ended a It became evident a week later that He did not have sufficient funding a buyout after all. The investor was sued. himSay it! that Tesla shares wouldn’t have moved so far in He would have been a valuable shareholder if he hadn’t offered the possibility of buying the company at $420 per share.

Musk’s tweet also attracted the attention of securIties regulators, who concluded that it was Incorrect and that He was lying. In a settlementThey forced him Pay $40,000,000 and Requirements him Step down as Tesla chairman.

Since then, he has been married that Under duress, he entered into the settlement and Keep it up that He believed that he had secured financial support for the buyout through meetings with representatives from Saudi Arabia’s Public Investment Fund.

While he’s been working on major Twitter improvements, Musk Continues to Serve as Tesla CEO and The majority of his Wohlstand and Berühmtheit from The company.

The trial It depends upon an Aug. 7, 2018, tweet in Which Musk He claimed that he was able to secure financing for the purchase of his vehicle. a Tesla was bought out for $72 billion by a consortium of investors. He then increased his stake in the company. with a follow-up statement that Made a deal seem imminent.

The buyout was never completed. and Now Musk You will need to elaborate his Actions taken under oath in a federal court in San Francisco. San Francisco. was Filled on behalf of Tesla stock-owners a 10-day grace period in August 2018.

The trial’s outcome may turn on the jury’s interpretation of Musk’s motive for the tweets, which U.S. District Judge Edward Chen has already decided were false.

Judge Musk He suffered another setback Friday as he rejected Musk’s bid to transfer the trial You can find more information here a federal court in Texas was the place where Tesla established its headquarters. in 2021. Musk had argued that Negative coverage his The jury was poisoned by the Twitter purchase pool in The San Francisco Bay Area.

It is difficult to find jurors who aren’t strongly influenced by the subject matter. Musk became evident during Tuesday’s painstaking selection process.

The judge flagged potential jurors with extreme enthusiasm or misgivings about one occasion. Musk in pretrial questionnaires. Individually, seven jurors were interviewed. from The rest of the jury poolThis will reduce your chances of having an influence on the opinions of others in The courtroom.

Chen and Lawyers for the shareholders and Musk We ended up interviewing seven jurors who were variously described Musk as “arrogant,” “narcissistic,” “unpredictable,” “a little off his rocker,” “a mercenary” and “a genius.”

Musk’s leadership of Twitter — where he has gutted the staff and Alienated Users and advertisers — has proven unpopular among Tesla’s current stockholders, who are worried that He is now spending less time working on the automaker. a Time of increasing competition

All of these concerns have contributed to a 65% percent decline in Tesla’s stock last year that More than $700 billion was confiscated in shareholder wealth — far more than the $14 billion swing in fortune that occurred between the company’s high and Low stock prices from The period from Aug. 7 through Aug. 17, 2018 in This lawsuit.

Tesla’s stock has split twice since then, making that On an adjusted basis, $420 is worth $28. Last week, shares were closed at $122.40. from the company’s November 2021 split-adjusted peak of $414.50.

After Musk It was no longer possible to think of a Tesla purchase, company overcome a Problems in production, and the resulting in a Rapid upturn in car sales that The stock price of the company has shot up and Made Musk the world’s richest person until he bought Twitter. Musk Dropped from The wealthiest spot after a stock market backlash to his Twitter handling

The trial is expected to offer insights into Musk’s management style, given that the witness list includes some of Tesla’s current and former top executives and board members, including luminaries such as Larry Ellison is Oracle’s co-founder and James Murdoch was the son and media mogul Rupert Murdoch.

Drama may help shed some light. Musk’s relationship with his Kimbal’s brother is also listed as a potential witness. This trial It is anticipated that it will last up to February 1.

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