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Protracted Doping Saga Russian figure skater Kamila Valieva was officially recognized as the World Anti-Doping Agency on Tuesday.WADA(Appeared to the case to The Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS).

The last month saw the Russian Effectively, Valieva was cleared by the Anti-Doping Agency. of wrongdoing. It was claimed that the 16 year-old had broken anti-doping laws but no criminal record. “fault or negligence” for The transgression.

However WADA Such a conclusion would be believable “wrong” It has now exercised this right to Appeal against the decision

RUSADA suspend Valieva one day after her guided the Russian Olympic Committee (ROC). to Victory in the figure skating team event at last year’s Winter Olympics in Beijing, where she also became the first woman in history to Land a quadruple jump during the Games

It did however, to Light during the course of The Olympics Valieva tested positive for Heart medication trimetazidine – which can enhance endurance – in December 2021.

Valieva has not made public the positive test results.

The ROC was first to place in Beijing’s team event. of USA was second and Japan was third. Canada was fourth. But, there wasn’t a medal ceremony. of Doping controversy

A statement was made Tuesday WADA It stated that it seeks a period of four years of Ineligibility for Valieva and Disqualification of These are her results as of the date of Sample collection December 25, 2021

“As it has sought to do throughout this process, WADA will continue to push for this matter to proceed without further undue delay,” This statement has been added.

“Given the case is now pending before CAS, WADA can make no further comment at this time.”

Sunday Review reached RUSADA, International Olympic Committee. for comment.

Valieva was removed to compete in the women’s singles event at the Winter Olympics but ultimately placed fourth after falling and stumbling several times during the competition.

Travis Tygart CEO of On Tuesday, the US Anti-Doping Agency USADA (USADA), stated that it had made the determination. to appeal Valieva’s case to CAS “had to be done in order to restore some confidence in the global anti-doping system.”

He said: “Let’s hope the hearing is expedited and open to the public so that the athletes whose dreams are hanging in the balance can believe in the final outcome, whatever it may be, and that some justice can be salvaged soon.”