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Kate Chastain shared she’s “excited” to Be a In the immediate future, a single parent. It is the Below deck Alum announced recently that she is pregnant. Her due date is believed to be this spring.

This 40-year-old woman was also a castmate on Peacock’s The TraitorsThis was a showcase for several Bravo stars including Kyle Cooke From Summer HousePlease see the following: Reza Farahan From Shahs Of Sunset.

An interview with Page Six’s “Virtual Reali-Tea” Katie shares her thoughts on being a podcast host. a single parent.

“I’m fiercely independent,” She said via E! News. “I don’t really love people’s opinions being different than mine, and trying to make me go their way. So I really am so excited that I’ll be able to do this exactly how I want to.”

Kate It was so explained Brandi Glanville – her Traitors castmate – is already giving parenting advice.

“She texts me pretty much every day,” Star said. “If I could read off the texts that I get from Brandi, I mean, they would go viral. She is the funniest human I’ve ever met. She’s also so intelligent and so kind.”

“She does give great parenting advice,” Elle continued. “And it’s always done in such humorous, direct Brandi style.”

Concerning the imminent birth Kate shared, “I feel so great … I have my own little baby traitor holding me hostage for four more months.”

The star laughed about her anxiety over parenthood. “Honestly, I like sleeping in and I’m also kind of lazy and selfish, so I feel like that’s gonna be an adjustment … But I just figure if I love this child as much as I love my dog, everything will be fine, and people are assuring me that I will.”