Her oldest son turned 19 on Jan. 7. Kate Hudson Ryder Robinson’s hidden talent was also disclosed: He does an impeccable impression of Harry Styles. The following is a tribute to Robinson’s birthday: “How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days” Actress shared photos and videos from her son, sharing a carnival of them all Instagram. Robinson, his mother and siblings were seen most often in the photographs. However, Robinson amused someone by his imitation of Styles.

“What does your sign say, love?” He asks for the entertainment of a child who is giggling off-camera. “Harry, will you have my baby? Oh, stop it. OK, I will, because I’m f*cking Harry Styles.”

Robinson’s humor seems captured in this moment, and his mom is proud to pay tribute to him. “Born on a full moon in cancer, this young man has my whole heart ❤️ Hilarious, loving, kind, loyal, sensitive,” Hudson wrote. “Ryder my sweet son, I love celebrating the day you were born.”

Elle continued: “Your birth changed all of our lives forever and has brought so much joy and laughter daily. I love you infinity x infinity x 3 trillion cubed.”

Hudson Robinson is also her ex, Chris Robinson. Bingham is 11-years-old, and she also shares her home with Matt Bellamy (singer). Rani, 4 years old (whose father is Danny Fujikawa) are also her children. Actress Rani revealed in December 2022 that she and her family had to adjust to her oldest daughter going off to college.

“Ugh, it’s so hard,” They told her “Sunday Today” Robinson to adapt and Robinson will no longer live with her in full-time. “All you want is your kid to thrive and be happy, but man, when I’m in LA and I go to the coffee machine in the morning and I don’t hear his voice — it’s a big one.”

This explains, no doubt, the video ending in HudsonThe tribute carousel. As she points out Robinson, and sings in the video clip, her children are all together in her vehicle. “Happy mommy, happy mommy, got all my babies, I’m a hap-happy mommy because this baby came back.”