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Keke Palmer is busy and booked! Leodis Jackson gave birth just weeks ago to her son Leodis and Darius Jackson. The star 29-year-old announced on March 7th that she had a new documentary in the works.

Palmer posted an Instagram message, along with a trailer of the forthcoming project. “‘BIG BOSS’ A musical narrative that chronicles my experience in the music industry. I can’t wait for you guys to watch the film and hear the album.” These are the visual features of Palmer throughout the years. They include clips from her childhood, as well footage from her career.

“I grew up in a very spiritual home, went to church every Sunday. I was always in practice as a child, yet still curious of what the word actually meant. They always said the word is meant to be lived. I never knew why until I started living,” Palmer speaks in voice-over “Overcoming this inner narrative that tells me no matter how far I come, I’m still not good enough. Being different is one thing, feeling lonely is another. We all have our hurdles, but this one, I’m done with. I don’t need to be accepted by the cool kids or the elite. I just need to be accepted by me.”

Palmer revealed the first details about the film and its accompanying album during an interview. Vogue In July 2022, the Record was described as follows: “a collection of different vibes” She said that these songs represent her as a woman emerging from the shadows. The album will also include a remake her hit song, she revealed. “Bottoms Up,” She cowrote it with Loreal, her sister.

Palmer’s The documentary is four months after KeyTV launched. Next, she will also be featured in Amazon Studios. “Moxie” And “Super Toys” alongside Sacha Baron Cohen.

“Big Boss” Trailer

“Big Boss” Release Date

Palmer has not yet announced a release date. “Big Boss” It is expected to be released sometime around March.