Kensington’s new Version of it SlimBlade trackball mouse Wireless connectivity is a significant improvement on the original model. Wireless connectivity is now possible with the SlimBlade ProKensington announced on Tuesday, you’ll be able to connect the trackball You can connect to your Mac or PC via Bluetooth or a wireless dongle at 2.4GHz (via 9to5Mac).

Kensington claims they have the SlimBlade Pro You will be able get up A single charge can provide up to four months battery life you You should be able the trackball For quite some time before plugging in it in. There is a storage area at the bottom of each dongle. trackball If you You want to keep it It is out of sight. And what if you prefer keeping your mouse Or trackball Hooked up You can access your computer at all times, SlimBlade Pro The USB-C port on the device allows for wired connections.

The SlimBlade Pro Many features that are not available on the original version of the product can be found elsewhere. SlimBlade. The big red trackball On the Pro It is still 55mm in diameter. Kensington states you You can scroll by turning your head it. (I’m personally quite curious It works very well. I used to love the scroll wheel. on the Expert Mouse.) You’ll also be able to customize what each button does with the KensingtonWorks software, which could be a useful way to personalize the trackball mouse We are here to help you.

The following items can be ordered: SlimBlade Pro Now in North America Kensington’s Online store for $119.99. Original wired-only SlimBlade You can still get it. for $10 cheaper.