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Kenya Moore Cast of The Real Housewives of Atlanta Reactions to news about Kim Zolciak You can also find out more about the following: Kroy Biermann‘s since-dismissed divorce, after Sunday night’The episode, which featured Kim Gushing over their “great” relationship.

You can also read about the advantages of using a Number of ladies including Sanya Richards-Ross, Marlo HamptonThen, Sheree White, expressed shock at the couple’s divorce filings, Kenya It was suggested that the split was a Kroy was ridiculed for his alleged lack of intelligence and scamming to get their money. a personality.

“Obviously, I don’t know Kim. I’ve never met her. But from what I can see on social, they looked like they were so happy,” Sanya spoke on July 9, episode of RHOA: After ShowIf you suspect that Kim and Kroy’s money troubles, including their $1.1 million debt to the IRS, likely lead to their marital hardships.

“A lot of times they say finances is the biggest contributing factors of divorce,” She said

Sanya has also pointed out that Kim During filming of the 15th series of RHOA The two began dating about six months ago, when she thought that their relationship would improve.

“I think a lot of times when you’re married, you’re hoping it’s gonna get better, so you’re kinda faking it in public until it’s like, ‘This is not working,’ I think a lot of people do that because you want it to work,” She explained.

Meanwhile, Sheree said that while she couldn’t confirm if Kim and Kroy’s finances contributed to their breakup, “it’s possible.”

“I thought they were lasting forever. She said she was super happy, everything was going great with them,” Sheree has admitted. “[But] it’s hard. I think sometimes people aren’t ready to have that conversation and share that.”

Follow the latest news about Kim’s divorce filing, Sheree was in contact with Kim. Before Kim The meeting was suddenly cancelled.

“We were supposed to meet two Fridays ago, after the divorce. She’s like, ‘I’m really going through it.’ And I understand. A public divorce is hard. Of course, divorce is horrible anyway but publicly and so much is going on, it’s like no privacy, it’s crazy,” Sheree has been revealed. “So she asked if we could reschedule.”

Marlo stated that money is not important to her. “a major factor” The following are some examples of how to use Kim and Kroy’s marriage, she never thought they’d call it quits.

“It was like the All-American family. It was like Ken and Barbie to me,” He noted. “I never saw it coming.”

You can also read about: RHOA After Show, Kenya weighed in, shading the couple’s finances and stating that when it came to Kim and Kroy’s split, she never bought into it.

“Do I believe the stories about them being in debt? Are you insane? Of course, they’re in debt!” She declared. “[But] my true feeling is that they’re not getting divorced. I think that it’s just a way to separate their assets or maybe get out of owing some of their debtors. So to me, I just can’t see that being real news.”

You may also suspect that your divorce is imminent. a sham, Kim Kroy was slammed, with questions about what the ex-NFL player is “really like behind closed doors.”

“Is he really putting on Kim’s lipstick and makeup and doing her wigs? He just seems like he has been pressed on mute. When he’s out, he just doesn’t seem to have any kind of personality and it seemed like he was just living for Kim.”

When? Kenya was asked if she’d date Kroy, she made it clear she would not.

“What if I came across him? I would swipe off the phone. I would just probably turn my phone off at that point. I’d be like, ‘Hell to the no,’” She laughed.

This month, following reports that a kidnapping scheme, a Drug use and gambling addiction Kim Kroy has filed papers to dismiss their divorce claims.

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