Republican Kevin McCarthy He achieved the long-held dream he had of Being House speaker Early Saturday after Resolving a revolt by GOP conservative hardliners at great cost of His precarious situation within the party is further weakened by a divided party. 

The longest-running series of speaker Ballots dating back to 1859 McCarthy The final vote count was 216, which is enough for the winner elected You can read the full post here is Second in line to the presidency with six votes “present.” Democrats unanimously voted in support of their leader, New York Representative Hakeem Jeffreys.

Over 15 votes, the protracted impasse between establishment Republicans and hardline conservatives cost more than four days It is difficult to solve. This is a preview of more chaos in the coming year as a result, which includes funding the government and raising the US’ debt ceiling.

Dramatic moments were witnessed on the eve of the final vote. House The floor Republican The fight escalated into shouting and physical combat. Following McCarthy He was stopped on the 14th vote, an astonishing and humiliating loss. He walked fast to the rear of The House chamber and confronted Florida’s Matt Gaetz, one of His most strident critics.

Gaetz had waited to cast his vote, until it was too late. Gaetz then cast his vote “present” Which has now left McCarthy Just a short summary of victory. McCarthy Mike Rogers, an ally of the House, stormed up to Gaetz to start to speak but Representative Richard Hudson restrained him.

Gaetz appears to be accusing McCarthy of He gestures at his friend and points to it. McCarthy Finaly, he left as flustered and without the right to vote. House It was amazing to see. 

Donald Trump was a former endorser of McCarthy His opponents were not swayed, so he made a pitch at the last minute. Colorado Republican Ken Buck claimed that the former President was making phone calls to the members.

Jusqu’à speaker Was electedIt is the House There are no regulations governing day-today business operations and you could do no other type of business of The 434 House Representatives and their staffs. After Saturday morning’s vote, returning and newly elected Legislators were finally sworn and ready to vote for the package of Rules that outline how to do it House Will function. 

McCarthyCalifornia, RepublicanThe prevailing ideology was after days of The negotiations were intense and the series was a success. of humiliating defeats. The dissident had to give up considerable authority and promise to make procedural changes to empower them, such as the possibility to allow one person to vote. Republican Forcing a House You can vote to remove him speaker. 

He gave way to fiscal conservative demands to limit spending in fiscal year 2024 to 2022 levels. That would lead to significant reductions in many programs. Both increase the risk. of a market—rattling showdown with the Democratic-controlled Senate and President Joe Biden.

McCarthy’s bid for the speaker’s gavel had been in trouble since the election, in which the GOP fell well short of expectations of They would be able to win solid majorities in the two elections by a “red wave”. House Senate. 

They won the House, but it’s there that the struggle over the direction of A party is It is the most vivid play. Republicans are divided between members from swing districts who have to court independent voters and hard-line conservatives with safe seats who’ve adopted Trump’s populist agenda.

The most important concession McCarthy This was a rule change that allowed one dissatisfied to be accommodated Republican To vote for him to be removed at any moment.

It began to tip in the favor of everyone. of McCarthy Once he was done, he and the dissidents worked out the contours of This deal is for 15 of The holdouts made a switch to vote for him in the 12th round on Friday.

McCarthy He had stated that he expected the speaker As a faction, vote goes to multiple rounds of Ultra-conservatives demanded more power. He vowed he wouldn’t back down. 

“I don’t have a problem getting a record for the most votes for speaker,” Before the voting began, he stated.

McCarthy Two more days of waiting of He appeals to his supporters to go back to the Capitol on Friday to vote. Wesley Hunt is the new representative of Texas went away to see his baby boy and Representative Ken Buck was there of Colorado left Thursday because of A medical matter.

This is This is the second attempt McCarthy A bid for speaker. Ohio Republican John Boehner quit as speaker Resigned from the House In 2015 after Conservative Republicans are dealing with rebellions McCarthyWho was the first? elected The House In 2012, he was popularly considered the favorite candidate to succeed him. However, he changed his mind. of This conservative group is opposed.

McCarthy, 57, spent much of Last year we tried to convert a section of Conservatives with a long list of Concerning grievances House Rules, anger over compromises with Democrats and the lack thereof of trust in the Californian’s claim to conservative credentials.

Andy Biggs (Arizona Representative), one of Leaders of The revolt was mentioned earlier in the week McCarthy “has a history that is off-putting to some people.” He voted against McCarthy In the 14th round of Votes changed to “present” In the fifteenth and last one.

As most House speakers, McCarthy He came into this job having a large fundraising network. Last cycle, he raised $26.5 million more than any member. of The House. Then there’s the McCarthyCongressional Leadership Fund Super PAC was a non-aligned organization that has raised more than $260 millions. Of the twenty hardliners opposed to McCarthy The first eleven ballots were for the speakership. of The holdouts were given some of The greatness of McCarthy’s fund. 

Some are more notable than others. of McCarthy’s most fervent detractors — including Representatives Lauren Boebert of Colorado and Matt Gaetz of Florida — didn’t receive any funds from McCarthy’s PAC.

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