Kiss The tour has been really, really long. Since 2004, the biggest glam-rock band of all has been on its End of the Road Tour. and Madison Square Garden, New York City, hosted the final performance of its final tour at Madison Square Garden. Kiss This time, it might be the last.

The show ends after the finale Kiss It has finished playing the last song.“Rock and Roll All Nite”), they disappeared in a hail of fire and smoke. The lights were turned off after the smoke had faded. and On the screen behind the podium, a camera zoomed out across a lake on a fantastic planet to the silhouettes four figures: The new digital avatars You can also find out more about the following: KissThen Paul Stanley shouts: Paul Stanley then shouts:

“Kiss army, your love — your power — has made us immortal. The new Kiss era starts now. Oh yeah!”

Here’s one video of it.

One more shows the coolest aspect of this part of the show. Translucent screens are projected with the band, giving the show an incredibly futuristic look. Blade Runner feel.

You can also find out more about the following: avatars “performed” A song was played, and then the video ended and The audience was given a photo of the four avatars Under the stylized KISS Logo, the phrase “Get it? “A NEW ERA BEGINS.”

You can also find out more about the following: “new era,” Of course, one way to make money is by selling the avatars. Pophouse Entertainment has been doing this with young people for some time. digital ABBA Voyage, a show that has been running for over a calendar year, features ABBA songs. KissIt seems like the perfect partnership for a band who has relentlessly marketed its image over half a century.

Pophouse said In a press statement today, it will be putting on “immersive, avatar-powered” Concerts Kiss’ Industrial Light & Magic-created avatars.

Enjoying the big acts of Kiss Use digital recreations of themselves isn’t surprising — after all, these are people who have made a great deal of money off of an image they’ve created, so why not keep that money faucet open?

What do people want? to go See a “live” What is the point of a show without performers? They absolutely do, yes. Bloomberg reported These ABBA avatars have brought in $2,000,000 every year week. You can also read about how to get in touch with us. Variety wrote The Eras Tour concert videos sold over $250 million at worldwide box offices last week. Kiss and You can find out more about it here. avatars could do just fine — for more about the band’s future, try out this 22-minute conversation About their Transition to avatars.