MOSCOW, Idaho — Some students were packing their bags to Leave town. Others stayed behind because they feared for their safety. Two days after four University of Idaho Students were found dead in a house just outside. of Campus residents were not safe and had little to no comfort.

Officials said Tuesday that while they believed the students were attacked with a knife or another blade, no weapon was recovered from the scene and that no suspect is currently in custody. Officials encouraged people to attend. to they were looking for information. to Reassure the public by stating that the killings took place to Be an “isolated, targeted attack” With “no imminent threat to the community at large.”

Those messages did little to Moscow is calm: IdahoThe town was a college town that hadn’t seen a single murder in seven years. Some students decided to leave the city for an early Thanksgiving break, as classes resumed Tuesday. Some students stayed, but they said that they were cautious because they were concerned about who was behind this gruesome crime.

Nic Conner, second-year student who double majors in food science, music composition and food science, expressed concern at the lack of information about the attacks. He felt secure in Moscow until now and has taken many night walks.

“And now, it’s just like, I probably shouldn’t do that,” He said.

People brought flowers bouquets and stuffed animals to Tuesday’s event. to An spontaneous memorial to Honor the victims with an entrance to The campus. Students could get counseling or therapy dogs from the university.

However, a candlelight vigil was planned. to take place Wednesday evening was postponed until after Thanksgiving because (*4*) Blaine Eckles, dean of Students and vice provost academic affairs said in a message to students.

Investigators were working to Create a timeline of Events in the hours preceding to The deaths of the students — three women and one man — whose bodies were discovered around midday on Sunday after someone called 911 to Report an unconscious person. Officials indicated that they would be focusing on the activities of The victims were taken to the hospital on Saturday night and continued into the morning. of Sunday while following leads “identifying persons of interest.”

Autopsies were planned later in the week to Find the cause of death. The case was also assisted by federal and state law enforcement agencies. Officials identified the victims as Ethan Chapin (20), Madison Mogen (21) and Xana Kernodle (21) respectively. Kaylee Goncalves (21) was also involved in the investigation.

Ms. Kernodle’s older sister, Jazzmin, said in a text message Monday night that she and her family were “confused and anxiously waiting” Follow us on Twitter for the latest information.

“They haven’t told us much, other than it was a homicide,” She said of The police.

Ms. Kernodle claimed that the other victims were close friends. to She was a sister to Mr. Chapin, and they had been together since the spring semester. Xana was “lucky to have them in her life,” She said.

She said that her sister was also a member of the club, and she was majoring marketing. of Pi Beta Phi was “so positive, funny, and was loved by everyone who met her.”

“She made me such a proud big sister, and I wish I could have had more time with her,” Ms. Kernodle spoke up. “She had so much life left to live.”

All the victims were members of the university’s fraternal organizations. At the campus’s Greek row, many of The buildings were peaceful on Tuesday. Hank Heusinkveld was a student at the University of Idaho From 1980 to 1984: Dropping off flowers at some of The sororities that were affected by the murders.

“I checked with some of the guys in house here, and they said, ‘Everybody’s taken off, they’re going home,’” He said. “So everybody’s, everybody’s affected on Greek Row.”

John Felin is a junior accountant major and a member of Sigma Chi fraternity of Which Mr. Chapin was a member of, didn’t want to Talk about the murders, but said many of The members also left early.

“The professors have been pretty understanding,” He said.

Will Winterbottom, a major in international studies and Spanish said that his English class was canceled for the week as well as a test.

“A lot of teachers have agreed that, ‘Hey, if you need to take time off or something like that,’ they’re all for that,” He said.