Kyle Richards The young woman speaks out about her dreams for Her strained relationship between sister and mother Kathy Hilton.

After months of estrangement with each other, Real Housewives of Beverly Hills The star was there “A Night Of Music Featuring Morgan Wade” event in Los Angeles on Tuesday, where she revealed if she’s met niece ParYou can learn more about it here. Hilton‘s son, dished on season 13, and noted that the recent cheating scandal of Vanderpump Rules is “great” for Lisa Vanderpump.

“I don’t know the background, but all I know is it’s filling up my Instagram like crazy. I’m like, ‘This is wild,’” she told E! News. “It’s great because we have the same producers of the show and obviously it’s great for The show is great for Lisa Vanderpump.”

The following is a list of KyleThe new season of RHOBHThe next episodes “will not disappoint.”

“It’s been a really, it’s [a] very different season for me personally than any other, and it’s been very, very interesting, and of course, there’s a lot of drama. I think the audience is gonna be really excited,” She shared. “I’m in a very different place in my life, and of course, when the cast changes, the dynamics shift … There’s drama, there’s a lot of personal stories here, and just a lot going on.”

“The other day, they came in, and they said, ‘You guys, this is a really good season.’ So you know when they say that, you know it’s gonna be great,” Kyle added.

The following are some of the ways to get in touch with us. RHOBH The fans are aware Lisa Rinna The season 13 finale will not include her. What about her relationship with Kyle, Kyle hasn’t seen her since October 2022.

“I mean, via like DMs and text messages, yes, but I haven’t seen her since the reunion, or BravoCon actually,” Kyle confirmed.

Rinna claimed Kathy had humiliated her in the 12th episode of last season. Kyle Aspen is experiencing a major meltdown. And, due to Kyle’s questioning of the incident, her relationship with her sister came to an end.

You can now see the results of your work. Kyle Their feud is expected to end soon. In fact, when asked if she’d like her to return to the show, Kyle said, “Of course. She’s my sister. I miss her.”

“Throughout the years… We’ve had issues, and we’ve come back together. We’re sisters. Family’s complicated, and we’re a work in progress,” She added.

“We’ll get there one day, you know, it takes time,” Kyle Continued PEOPLE. “We’re no different than anybody else except we’re in the public eye. But, we’ve gone through hard times before and always come back together. So that’s the hope.”

She also has a strained relationship with Kathy. Kyle has also not met Paris’ son, Phoenix, who she and her husband Carter ReumWelcome to January!

“I have not seen baby Phoenix,” Kyle said. “I wish I could say that I have, but I haven’t. I’ve seen pictures, and he is beautiful and perfect, just like she was when she [Paris Hilton] was a baby.”

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills The 13th season of Bravo is currently being produced and should begin broadcasting in early 2019.