The National Labor The Relations Board ruled Alphabet to be a valid company. Google’s parent company, should be considered a joint employer for a group of YouTube Music contractors. Workers are trying to to Organise with the Alphabet Worker’s Union, and the NLRB’s decision could This means that tech giant Google has to negotiate with If they vote, to Unionize for the next election

Cognizant is the subcontractor for Alphabet and employs these workers directly. However, Cognizant is a subcontractor to Alphabet. Google Having enough control of their affairs “benefits, hours of work, supervision, and direction of work” It counts as partial employer according to Bloomberg.

“We are proud to win a precedent setting victory not just for ourselves, but also for workers across the country,” Sam Regan is a union organizer. YouTube The AWU quoted a music contractor in a press release. “Technology companies in particular have innovated new ways to deny responsibility for their workers’ livelihoods through subcontracting, gig work, and other poor employment practices.”

Alphabet on its own, however, intends to appeal the NLRB’s decision. “We simply don’t control these workers’ employment terms or working conditions,” spokesperson Courtenay Mencini told Bloomberg.

Additional to The union drive and the fight to Alphabet to be recognized as joint employer contractors Strike in February to Demonstrate your support for the return of democracy to office orders — the first strike at the company, according to The AWU. The dates for the union election haven’t been publicly announced yet.