All of us can agree that we by no means noticed this season of Vanderpump Guidelines ending nicely, proper?  I imply, let’s be trustworthy.  It’s unattainable to refuse to movie with somebody, despite the fact that you reside below the identical roof as that somebody (I’m you,  Ariana) and it’s unattainable to drive folks to observe ultimatums, particularly contemplating the historical past amongst this group.

Though Scheana is on a excessive after her reside efficiency, she remains to be attempting to steadiness her friendship with Ariana and a reconciliation with Sandoval.  However after Sandoval tries to apologize to Ariana, it’s Lala that basically lets her unfastened lips fly…

The entire crew is in San Francisco and the recent subject is that if Sandoval will ever get to satisfy Ariana’s new man, Dan.  Lala refers to Dan as a “square,” however he appears fairly chill, contemplating.  Scheana talks about her “big deal” efficiency and the way Sandoval might be aiding her all through the present.  She wonders if yesterday’s productive dialog with him was real, however she additionally laments how she is as soon as once more in an ungainly place in terms of Ariana.

Brock listens to Scheana after which says some combating phrases.  He claims that between Ariana and Sandoval, Sandoval has been the one who all the time reaches out and is there for Scheana, motion clever.  Whereas Scheana disagrees (as a result of there are cameras up, I presume), she admits that Ariana is the one who “doesn’t wanna show up, but always wants to be invited.”

Sandoval is busy organising for Scheana’s present, and so Ariana and her boyfriend don’t want to fret about bumping into him as they head out for lunch with the group. LOL at half the forged rocking their San Francisco vacationer sweatshirts. Attributable to Lala’s interrogation, we study that Dan is a 40-year-old- coach, who additionally bartends, could hope to have children in the future, and appears aloof when requested about Sandoval. Total, he appears fairly regular.

Over lunch, Scheana explains how final evening she identified to Sandoval that he weaponized Ariana’s psychological well being.  Scheana claims that she noticed his “mask” fall, however Katie jumps in and reminds everybody that there isn’t any option to imagine something Sandoval says, ever. Brock lets Katie know that Scheana really has a friendship with Sandoval and Schwartz provides that Sandoval just isn’t a trash individual. Ariana refuses to let that slide- she warns Schwartz to observe what he says in a really threatening manner.  Katie tells Brock he ought to be defending Scheana from the folks really doing issues, not from her.

Put up lunch, Brock surprises Scheana with a rose petal path of their resort room and Scheana takes a second to replicate on how Ariana obtained the information she shared throughout lunch about Sandoval.  Scheana claims it’s not like she made up with Sandoval, however she is completely satisfied to see some progress.  When LVP telephones Scheana to want her luck…and discover out the tea…Scheana admits to nonetheless loving Sandoval, regardless of all of it.

It’s clear that Scheana is on the lookout for approval from Ariana to work one thing out with Sandoval, however Katie understands that it’s not gonna occur that manner.  Lala factors out that Ariana appears to have “rules” for her pals, however Katie reminds everybody that Sandoval didn’t make a mistake, he made decisions. Repeatedly.

Schwartz stories again to Sandoval after the lunch and explains that Ariana’s new man is fairly nice.  Talking of Ariana, Sandoval is about on apologizing to her, however is hopeful that a few of the pressure might be lifted and it’ll present her that he’s actually attempting to take motion to be a greater individual.

It’s the evening of Kyle Chan’s Whiskey Launch Get together and Scheana’s *huge* efficiency. Scheana enters in look primary and we study that Sandoval payed his audio engineer to come back out and assist Scheana out of the goodness of his coronary heart.  Scheana is amped to have an entire band behind her…it’s definitely a far cry from her dancing on bars days ….

Ally and James take a second to replicate on the weekend and though they each love Hippie, James admits that he tousled. Ally is his principal precedence, not the canine.  Ally shares that when she IS prepared for marriage, James would be the one. James is completely satisfied that though he went by a variety of sh*t, he has lastly met his excellent match.

Jo comes out of left discipline and beelines to Schwartz.  She shares that she actually does “love” him and that they’d have made an important workforce.  Though he will not be in her life as a boyfriend, she’s going to take him any manner she will be able to.  Nevertheless, in terms of Katie, the vitality is absolutely damaging. Schwartz drags Jo over to the women, which suggests solely drama can ensue. 

Jo apologizes to Katie, however Katie calls Jo bizarre…which is a imply woman transfer.  Katie doesn’t really feel like she owes Jo an apology and wonders how Jo pretending to be there for Katie after the divorce by way of textual content led to Jo having intercourse with Schwartz. Lala breaks it down for Jo, who reminds them each that there have been months in between that.  Jo additionally says that she was by no means Katie’s buddy so she ought to “let him go.” Katie needs that Jo would have picked actually anybody else and Jo admits that she wasn’t considering of Katie. As soon as a shaken Jo exits, Katie reminds Schwartz that if he desires to be her buddy, he ought to preserve it away from her.

Later, Sandoval thanks Brock for sticking up for him.  Brock claims that he’s pals with either side of this Scandoval argument, however that it’s time for Sandoval to step up. Scheana needs that Ariana might see how a lot she is struggling, as she is beginning to lose herself by attempting to remain #teamAriana.

Sandoval makes his manner over and introduces himself to Dan, as Ariana grey rocks the sh*t out him.  I swear I discovered myself holding my breath throughout this encounter.  Due to this, Schwartz reminds Sandoval that now just isn’t the fitting time to method Ariana to try to discuss.

Okay, so Scheana’s new stage identify is now, Scheana Marie?! Loving how Sandoval simply bops round to the tune “Apples,” which is a nod to Scandoval…and he claims that’s “stoked” to see Scheana exploding in her musical profession.  Man, he’s actually attempting to get again in her good graces.  Scheana is over the moon about Sandoval’s help, however is aware of that issues are nonetheless awkward between her and Ariana.

Talking of Ariana, Scheana talks to her about seeing the real facet of Sandoval that she has liked for fifteen years.  Ariana is exhausted by this chatter- Scheana is attempting to promote one thing that Ariana just isn’t excited about shopping for.  Scheana basically tries to ask for Ariana’s blessing to see Sandoval’s “path of growth,” however Ariana doesn’t need to hear it and makes it clear that she doesn’t need him to talk to her ever once more, together with an apology.

Ariana claims that she by no means gave folks ultimatums about being pals together with her or Sandoval, however a shady little flashback from the season proves in any other case. Ariana guarantees Scheana she’s going to by no means lose her they usually even smooch on it, however when Sandoval breaks up the second, Ariana storms off, claiming “non-informed consent” and that he doesn’t get entry to her solely as a result of cameras are rolling.

Ariana thinks that Sandoval is performative and Scheana asks Sandoval if he’s attempting to befriend her for actual or as a result of they’re filming.  This units Sandoval off, as he blows up, calling Ariana the performative one who doesn’t even like all of the forged. As Ariana leaves the occasion and heads to Applebees, she factors out that Sandoval has solely tried to apologize when cameras are up.

“He’s never tried to talk to me off camera,” mentioned Ariana about Sandoval. “He could’ve written something in a f–king letter and left it on the kitchen counter and I could’ve read it at my leisure. But if he would only do it on camera, to me, you just showed your true colors.”

Sandoval angrily outs Ariana for being lazy this season, merely accumulating a paycheck, however refusing to movie sure issues. Sandoval states that when push involves shove, he’s the one which’s there. He additionally tells his castmates that Ariana just about hates their guts.

“Ariana, she doesn’t f–k with you guys. On the real,” mentioned Sandoval to the forged. “She f–king talks sh-t about all you f–kers.”

  Scheana loses her sh-t and Sandoval apologizes for placing HER by quite a bit.

After sitting again and watching this unfold, Lala is able to break the fourth wall and man, is she gonna be in TROUBLE with Ariana for this.  Lala is bored with Ariana considering she is now Beyoncé after this Scandoval and thinks that it’s BS that she can not movie with Sandoval, but she lives below the identical roof as him.  Lala goes on to say that Sandoval didn’t KILL anybody and that “never in my life” has she skilled anybody get cheated on and they’re “suddenly God,” particularly after Ariana moved on 8 days later!

Vanderpump Guidelines forged breaks fourth wall to speak about Ariana’s refusal to movie with Sandoval through the season 11 finale episode

Lala claims that Ariana strolling out this fashion is a slap within the face, contemplating they’ve filmed for a lot of their grownup lives. To see the youthful variations of this group reminds us of all they’ve gone by over time and the shortage of honesty when it got here to Ariana and Sandoval’s relationship will get questioned.

Because the season finale wraps up, we hear a producer say off-camera, “That’s the end.” Whereas Schwartz calls this example a “f*cking plot twist.”

Oh nevertheless it will get higher as Sandoval then delivers a chilling remaining line: “I love it. It’s good for me.” It looks like everybody acquired the memo on the redemption arc try for Sandoval… apart from Sandoval.

That is gonna be some reunion.