Florida Republicans are considering a change to the Sunshine State’s so-called “Resign to Run” law — which would let Gov. Ron DeSantis Keep his job. if he Opts to run for the GOP presidential nominating office in 2024.

Florida law currently requires that state legislators must resign before they can run for another office. 

DeSantis’ Democratic challenger, former Gov. Charlie Crist had to give up his seat in The rising GOP star will be challenged by the House of Representatives in The midterm elections.

Paul Renner, Florida House Speaker (R-Palm Beach), and Kathleen Passadomo, Senate President (R-Naples), both stated that they believed DeSantis44 year old should not have to resign he become the Republican Party’s nominee, Politico reported Tuesday.

“If an individual who is Florida governor is running for president, I think he should be allowed to do it,” Passadomo told reporters Tuesday “I really do. That’s a big honor and a privilege, so it is a good idea.”

While DeSantis Although he has not yet announced his candidacy for President, several recent polls show that he is ahead of former President Donald Trump (76).

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis Considered a frontrunner for The 2024 Republican presidential nomination
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Gov. DeSantis
Gov. DeSantisPictured with Casey, his wife in The background won reelection in This month, it was a landslide.
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Trump is the only one to have officially entered the 2024 Race for the presidency to date. However, a Quinnipiac University poll published Tuesday showed that most Americans believe his candidacy is a possibility. “bad thing.”

Multiple reports have shown that DeSantis His campaign could be launched in After the current Florida legislative session is over, the spring of next years will be announced.