Lindsay Lohan is officially back. Nov. 10 saw the publication of “Falling for Christmas,” This festive comedy is a romantic comedy about love that showcases the comedy skills Lohan was known for in her early films. It’s Lohan’s first mainstream film in more then a decade.

Lohan was born 25 years ago. Lohan left behind child modeling and approximately 60 television commercials. Lohan’s breakout role in 1998 as identical twins Annie, Hallie, and her handful of television appearances. “The Parent Trap.” Lohan was a leading lady in the decades that followed. “Herbie: Fully Loaded” And “Freaky Friday” To “Mean Girls.” It didn’t matter how often she played the new girl at school, the rich girl with a grudge against a classmate or potential stepmother, or the unwitting participant in some fantastical mishap that upends her entire life — fans tuned in. We must not forget that she also had a successful musical career.

She seemed to be just a few steps away from transitioning into adult roles, but in 2007 she was hit with several legal issues relating to substance abuse and her unreliability while on set. Lohan spent many years in rehab and continued to act in small roles in independent and made for TV movies.

She’s gradually rebuilt her career, culminating in leading roles in two Netflix romantic comedies, the first of which — “Falling For Christmas” — is streaming on Netflix now. Lohan’s old fans were proud to see her back on TV. Lohan is a favorite of all ages, regardless of whether you were a Lohan fan from the beginning. “Falling for Christmas” If you are looking for Lohan’s greatest work, here’s a list.