Lisa Rinna She shares all her stories about the experiences she has had. The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills This apparently also includes shaming some of her ex-costars.

Last week, she confirmed her departure after eight seasons. Rinna It is aiming at Lisa Vanderpump‘s supposed calculating behavior, the interference of producers, and more as she also looks forward to season 13, revealing which cast members she believes will have a “tough” season and sharing what needs to happen to maintain the show’s success.

As she reflects on season seven moments in which she asked, Dorit Kemsley If people did it. “coke in [her] bathroom” Interview with Cathy on January 13, Interview magazine, Rinna She said that she had only asked the question. “because they had been accusing me over my f-cking pill bag.”

“It was Vanderpump who wanted this narrative out there that I was a pill head, or whatever. And Dorit had come on as her friend. And that’s how it played out,” She explained.

But… RHOBH Fans know that things went down between Vanderpump after and Dorit Lisa Dorit, who was accused of abandoning the puppy she got from Vanderpump Dogs rescue center, is being charged in what has become known as “The Scam”. “Puppy Gate.” While she acknowledged that she had initially been drawn into the drama by her role, she later admitted she was a part of it. “new at the time” “took the bait,” Rinna Vanderpump was finally called for staging an entire fiasco for the promotion of the center. This eventually served as her launch pad for her short-lived business venture. Vanderpump Dogs spinoff.

“I just called her out on it. [Kyle Richards] called her out. [Teddi Mellencamp] called her out. She and I always had a really great cat-and-mouse game that we played. We were really great together. And then once I really got caught onto what she does, I wasn’t having it,” She explained.

While Rinna claims she didn’t learn the supposed ways of Vanderpump until season nine, she noticed meddling from producers just as she joined RHOBH Season five.

Back at the messy feud she had with Kim Richards Amsterdam was the result of Kim’s suggestion that there might be something going on in her home. Rinna’s husband, Harry Hamlin, Rinna Kim was suggested to be encouraged by her producers to initiate something.

“They got in her ear, and they basically said, ‘We need you to do something,’ that’s my guess. ‘We need you to set Rinna off,’” Rinna suspected. “I’m just glad I didn’t f-cking strangle her, because I cross over that table, and I remember thinking to myself, ‘Don’t touch her. You’ll go to jail, and you’re in fucking Amsterdam. You’ll never get out.’ That’s what stopped me.’”

Rinna Vanderpump also hinted that producers might have been involved. KyleIn season six of the Munchausen drama which pulled, Yolanda Hadid‘s Lyme disease struggles into question.

‘I don’It is not clear if producers were involved, but Vanderpump was the one that was responsible. Kyle. And I didn’t realize it at the time because they’re so f-cking good at it. So I just jumped right into it,” Rinna admitted. “Vanderpump would call me in the morning for days and feed… They feed you. It’s like a f-cking brainwashing.”

After shading Vanderpump as “a p-ssy” Failure to attend the reunion following the “Puppy Gate” Season nine of scandal Rinna Nominated Garcelle Beauvais Sutton Stracke As the cast members most likely to have trouble with season 13

“They’re going to have to show up and work … Who’s going to do the work over there? Who’s going to say, ‘I heard you said this about me?’ I don’t think you can count [Erika Jayne]. Because Erika shouldn’t have to do anything,” Rinna explained. “Unfortunately, they don’t have much to give. So I don’t know what’s going to happen over there.”

There are rumours of additional women returning to the fold, including Kyle, Rinna Kyle can’t be counted on to stir the pot because she “wants to be liked too much” Is it? “too worried about what people think about her,” It was noted Crystal Kung-Minkoff It is “too young” You will be able to comprehend the game.

“[Kyle] just wants to be liked too much,” Rinna. “I love her, but I say that to her face. She’s too worried about what people think about her.”

She then said that Dorit’s “got it in her” Sutton and Garcelle both admitted to being “sharks.”

“They just need to be who they really are. They are that, but they just have to let go of this facade they created,” Her advice was appreciated.

There have been rumors about former housewives coming back in the months that have passed since finishing filming on season 12. But, Rinna’s mind, she believes an all-new cast would be better.

“Maybe they’ll bring in a great wildcard or somebody unknown. That’s what they need. I think doing that is better than revisiting somebody from the past,” Sie stated. “[But] if worse comes to worst and they got nothing five weeks or six weeks into filming, they should call [Brandi Glanville]. That will be an immediate fix, right?”

However Rinna didn’t have a relationship with Brandi when she was on the show, she confirmed they do today and revealed she’s also in a decent place with Kim.

“I haven’t seen her in a while. [But] last time [things between us] were fine,” She shared.

Vanderpump was one of the cast’s most prominent former members. Denise Richards, Rinna They said that their relationships are “nonexistent” Be sure to add these things before you do. “good” Between her and Andy Cohen.

Then she noted that it is the RHOBH cast, she doesn’t “need to hang out with anybody.”

“I have my relationship with Erika off-camera, and that’s great. Dorit and Kyle, too,” She explained.

Also, during an interview Rinna She was asked who she thinks the G.O.A.Ts in the United States. Real Housewives.

Nene LeakesBethenny Frankel … I think Kelly Dodd was great … [Sonja Morgan] and [Ramona Singer] … And Kenya Moore. [Teresa Giudice],” She replied.