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Crystal Kung-Minkoff The skeptics seem to be right Lisa Rinna The source of the leakage information was Kathy Hilton‘s alleged meltdown in Aspen, which occurred off-camera amid production on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 12

Crystal, 40 years old, has been doubling down on the plastic surgery insults she’s been hurling at her co-star. Dorit Kemsley, 47, suspected Lisa shared behind-the-scenes details about Kathy’s supposed “psychotic break” The press has acknowledged that season 13 was a disappointment. “totally different” Without a doubt, LisaWho announced her resignation in January.

“I’m going to be just really honest. It was very different, and I didn’t know Rinna’s impact on me until she was not there,” Crystal revealed on the November 17, episode of Scheanigans. Just Jared. “That being said, I mean, I think Rinna’s been obviously an incredible housewife. I mean, well, I used to watch it. She was iconic to me.”

The claims of the past Lisa Kathy, 64-year-old Kathy is accused of threatening to harm others, and she has allegedly done so. “destroy” Sisters Kyle RichardsCrystal 54 and her family suggested that Lisa There was a reason for the leaks regarding Kathy, as there were no more storylines being leaked by the media following Lisa’s exit.

“That being said, like with the whole leaking of the press and stuff, I think it’s pretty obvious, because there’s no press being leaked about our season now,” Crystal pointed to the direction she wanted to go. Lisa’s absence from RHOBH Season 13. “Again, it was my second year and I still felt like a novice to the whole thing, so I’m like, well maybe this is how this show works. Maybe this is how toxic it is. Maybe this is what people do.”

According to Crystal, she didn’t understand why Lisa, or anyone else, would leak information to the press ahead of the season’s premiere.

“I was like, why do they do that? Don’t they want the show to play out? I just didn’t understand it, but now, it’s far more clear to me because there’s nothing out [about this season]. But why? I’ll never know,” She made a note.

Also, during the podcast host Scheana ShayCrystal 38 asked if Kathy was right in naming her. Lisa You can also read about how to get started. “the biggest bully in Hollywood.”

“I wouldn’t. But I don’t know everyone in Hollywood,” Crystal replied. “I would say like, maybe on the show. I can pretty much say that, but in Hollywood, I don’t know. [There’s] a lot of people in Hollywood. I think there’s a lot of mean people in Hollywood.”

Crystal was then asked, in a second interview, about the shade that she hurled Dorit’s way.

As you can see, RHOBH fans will recall, Crystal suggested Dorit hadn’t “seen a real body part in 10 years” after Dorit said she didn’t expect to hear Crystal declare that her nipples are “perfect” during a racy game amid their girls’ trip to Las Vegas.

“I think it’s funny. I stand by it,” Crystal told Us Weekly On November 8, “I loved it. I think it’s hysterical. Dorit’s the one person who’s always saying, ‘Come on Crystal, I know you’re shady. Go for it.’ I don’t think she wanted it at her expense.”

Prior to Crystal’s diss, Dorit was shaded by former castmate Lisa Vanderpump, 63, who suggested in 2021 that she didn’t recognize her at an event in Los Angeles due to the work she had done.

“Ignore her? I just didn’t recognize her lol,” Vanderpump shared a picture of Dorit as a high school student and now on X.

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