Lisa Vanderpump She believes she understands why Mauricio Umansky Recently, she has been speaking poorly of her.

After Beverly Hills: Buying a Home Starring alongside her is cast member Kyle Richards The past twelve seasons The Real Housewives of Beverly HillsYou are slammed! Lisa The “rudest Bravolebrity” on Live: Watch What Happens And doubled down on a podcast appearance. Lisa A few fans asked for help. on Twitter called him out.

“Kinda cringe Mauricio says he stays out of the drama, but he talks about how he dislikes Vanderpump,” One fan shared a Tweet by sharing the message. on January 11.

“Please don’t say things that are unkind and not true about LVP,” Another one was added.

After shading Lisa on WWHL November Mauricio Comment explained on The Side Piece With Melissa Pfeister podcast.

“I just don’t like the way she’s acted with my wife,” Mauricio Part of the shared on the December 8 episode, seemingly giving a nod to the Puppy Gate scandal that ended Lisa and Kyle’s years-long friendship As he further slammed Lisa as “really childish and immature and mean.”

“That was very mean girl thing and she just didn’t own her sh-t,” He explained. “You gotta own your own sh-t and she f-cked up and she didn’t own her own sh-t so yeah, that’s the truth. That’s my perspective on it.”

Even while Lisa Comment on Mauricio’s dig shortly after it was made, calling him a “little puppet,” she also reacted to her followers’ recent mention of his claims.

“Must be a fan of somebody else’s lol,” Lisa suspected.

RHOBH Lisa Vanderpump Responds to Fan Defending Her Against Mauricio Umansky

Lisa She then replied to comments mentioning her possible return. RHOBHIn recent weeks there has been much speculation about the existence of this, particularly after confirmation from Lisa Rinna‘s departure from the show.

“I love Lisa Vanderpump please bring her back… The place it’s just boring without her!” one person declared.

While Lisa didn’t offer a clear message about the idea, she reacted Emoji: With a pink heart and prayer hands

Lisa Vanderpump Responds to Claims of RHOBH Being Boring Without Her

Another fan stated, “I’ve given up on you ever wanting to come back but if there [is] even a glimmer of hope left- I’m gonna hold on to it lol … Comeeeee backkkkkk … Housewives have blocked me over you, and I’m not afraid to be blocked again, come home… it’s time.”

Yet again Lisa shared A pink heart Emoji

Lisa Vanderpump Offers Glimmer of Hope in RHOBH Return

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills The production of season 13 will begin sometime this month.