European soccer’s governing body said Tuesday that it would refund the tickets of thousands of Liverpool fans who attended last season’s Champions League Final outside Paris: The latest attempt by the organisation to make amends for It almost saw security and policing fail to deliver on its promise.

UEFA was the governing body. offer refunds For the fans “most affected” scenes of dangerous crowding at the Stade de France gates last May 28. These tickets cover the whole ticket allocation. Liverpool for sale to its fans — a block of nearly 20,000 tickets — as well as any fans with tickets to specific gates where the worst of the crushes took place.

Last year’s final, the showpiece game of the European soccer season, matched two of the most popular and best-supported teams in the game, Liverpool Real Madrid. However, planning errors led to unsafe scenes where large numbers of people were trapped. Liverpool Fans were led into tight areas and, as kickoff approached, fears rising in the crowds caused them to be pushed back. Some were then sprayed by French riot police with tear gas.

These tickets are eligible for UEFA stated that refunds are included Liverpool’s entire allotment of 19,618, but potentially hundreds, or even thousands, of others held by fans affected by the problems at the match.

Last year, the French Senate investigated and found that authorities were not up to par. for The chaos is called a “fiasco” and raising concerns about French policing before this year’s Rugby World Cup and next summer’s Paris Olympic Games. UEFA will investigate. released last monthEven more directly, it concluded with a harshly critical assessment that the company was not only inadequate but also dangerous. “a matter of chance” Fans had not died. This report attributed the main blame to UEFA.

Officials from UEFA and French Sports officials have offered previous apologies You can find more information here Liverpool Its fans for After initially shifting the blame, overcrowding was evident. for The problems “late-arriving” fans. It was also claimed that people arrived in fake tickets, but these claims were disproven by computer ticketing records. Liverpool Fans and the company took offense at these comments. Champions League game against Real Madrid, the teams’ first meeting on the field since last year’s final, Liverpool Fans raised banners that were critical of UEFA and denounced France’s sports minister and interior minister as liars.

The UEFA statement announcing the ticket refunds, a tangible and multimillion-dollar effort perhaps aimed at defusing some of those hard feelings, was notable in that it included neither a new apology nor any comment from the organization’s president, Aleksander Ceferin. Instead, one of Ceferin’s top deputes thanked Liverpool fans for They provided their feedback and stated that the refund plan was an attempt “to recognize the negative experiences of those supporters on the day.”

Uncertain how many. Liverpool fans will accept UEFA’s offer. Hundreds had threatened to sue for compensation Last month, one of the law offices representing large numbers of supporters posted on Twitter that the firm had made an offer “is welcome but does not go far enough.”

UEFA said All fans who purchased tickets would receive refunds for six specific gates of the Stade de France, but also to all fans who ticketing controls showed did not enter the stadium before the scheduled 9 p.m. kickoff, and to any others who were not able to — or chose not to — enter the stadium at all. Liverpool I have agreed to accept refunds for Fans who purchased tickets via the club received accommodation UEFA stated was completed for Privacy reasons