Long Island Newspaper publisher recalls alarming meeting at the House with a Republican candidate George SantosHe described his behavior as “atypical” “pure evil.”

North Shore Leader Newspaper is currently calling for Santos to resign — or be expelled from the House.

He was missing something “right from the start,” MSNBC’s Grant Lally, publisher, recounted his encounter with SantosHe described him as an “amazing” person. “grotesque fraud.”

At the time, the candidate was looking for support from the newspaper at Lally’s 2020 meeting. However, the Leader attacked him last year as a “fake” and a “fabulist”— and “bizarre, unprincipled and sketchy” — and endorsed his Democratic rival for the House seat.

Lally’s recent editorial describes the “The” of Lally. “mostly Republican” newspaper crowed: “Told you so.”

“I asked him a lot of questions, a lot of pointed questions, a lot of personal questions — not an unfriendly meeting at all. But he was really a weirdo right from the start.” Cori Coffin, MSNBC’s host, asked Lally about the meeting. Santos.

“He was evasive. He was also just basking in the attention he was getting, which I thought was very weird for a guy who at the time was only 31 years old, but claimed to be a multimillionaire financier,” Lally.

The Leader’s take on Santos Press reports from three years ago have since supported this claim. Santos’ string of lies about graduating from college, graduating summa cum laude (with a made-up grade point average), and working for Citigroup and Goldman Sachs, to name just a fraction of his fibs.

Santos He claimed, as well, that the Devolder Organization (the mysterious company he founded in 2021), somehow amassed millions within a span of two years.

“We felt very vindicated [by other media] because we had called him out as a fake,” Lally. Santos’ lying was “beyond our wildest expectations,” He concluded. “We didn’t think someone would lie about attending Baruch College. We didn’t think someone would lie about working at Goldman Sachs.”

Lally regretted that the story wasn’t picked up by other media at the time. It should have been. “we wouldn’t have to deal with this sociopath in the U.S. Congress right now,” He concluded.

Lally spoke of a recent article that Santos A disabled veteran of the United States was allegedly robbed of $3,000 to pay for his dog’s surgery. Santos Put up a GoFundMe campaign, which raised $3,000 and then disappeared.

The “dog didn’t get its surgery, and the dog died. This is pure evil,” Lally added that she is confident there will be “pretty close to a unanimous” You can vote for kick Santos Out of the House

“No one can support him at this point. You can’t support this level of evil by anyone,” He said.

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