LOS ANGELES — A man walked into a downtown Target Store on Tuesday, stabbed and critically wounded two people, including A 9-year-old boy Before he was shot and then killed by a guard, police stated.

The stabbings took places just before 6:30 pm in the evening. Target store at FIGat7th, a large multi-level open shopping plaza located in the city’s Financial District.

A homeless man of 40 years came to the store and grabbed a large knife in butcher-style from a shelf. 9-year-old boyPolice Chief Michel Moore stated that Moore had repeatedly threatened to kill him and said so at a news conference.

When the boy He stabbed him in the back as he tried to get away. boy Moore claimed that Moore attacked Moore in the back, injuring him in the shoulder. Moore then moved on to another part of the store and stabbed Moore in both the chest and stomach.

According to the chief, other employees in the store helped the woman get into a pharmacy.

Moore reported that a security officer tried to subdue the attacker using a baton and then shot him. He was later declared dead at a hospital.

Outside, you can spot shoppers, passersby, and police Target After the stabbings of FIGat7th on November 16, 2022, Los Angeles.

His name wasn’t immediately released.

“Out of nowhere, we heard people screaming,” Kevin Zaragoza, who was in the store shopping with his brother, said KABC-TV. “We rushed to the front. Right there by the exit we see a girl on the floor, blood all over her.”

“After that, we see the whole LAPD swarming in there with shotguns, all types of stuff. It was crazy.”

The attacker didn’t know the victims, police said.

In what he called a “third person” was slightly hurt. “stampede” Moore stated that Moore was chasing other customers out of the store as she said.

Moore explained that LAPD officers were already on another call in the shopping mall and were able respond quickly.