They won in overtime, after Duggan was stopped on a second-down play just short of the goal line. and Kendre was stopped just short by consecutive runs up and down the middle. The final run came when Daniel Green, linebacker for the team, finished the game. and Miller met Eli Huggins, Kansas State’s nose guard, in the hole. This sent the defense off the field.

On the ensuing possession, Kansas State picked up one first down before kicker Ty Zentner’s 31-yard field goal bisected the uprights, kicking off a jubilant Kansas State celebration and T.C.U. To present its case to the committee.

“Our hope is not to have to rely on a beauty contest,” T.C.U. Coach Sonny Dykes stated. “Our hope is to kick the door down and that we’re Big 12 champs and there’s no discussion about it.”

There’s always been something missing from the end of college football season. Georgia Tech was the winning team in the 1990 season. and Colorado won the national championship in a split. and Washington and The same thing was done in Miami the following year. by Michigan and Six years later, Nebraska was again. The Bowl Championship Series was born, which pitted the top-ranked teams against one another.

The 2014 season saw the start of a four-team playoff.

However, semifinals have been rarely compelling. Nine of the 16 semifinal matchups were decided. by 20 or more points — and only two, Georgia’s double-overtime defeat of Oklahoma after the 2017 season and Clemson’s comeback against Ohio State in 2019, have gone to the wire.

Rarely does a playoff include a plucky intruder.

Last year, Cincinnati was able to overcome a defeat by Alabama. and T.C.U. is a member of a more august conference, the Big 12, there are still raw feelings from the first year of the playoff when the Horned Frogs’ only defeat — 61-58 at Baylor — was enough to keep them out of the playoff. Baylor, whose only loss was at West Virginia, was also frozen out — in part because the Big 12 did not have a championship game.

“The Big 12 in a different place as it was then,” Dykes stated. “I think they’re going to see it different, but at the same time you don’t know. I’m concerned obviously, but I have faith in the committee.”