Doncic At 16 years old, he said that he felt almost paralysed as he played his first professional game for Real Madrid.

In the final seconds of 2015’s game against Unicaja, he made a 3 pointer. “I don’t know how it went in,” Doncic said. “It was the 30th of April, my girlfriend’s birthday. So that’s a good day.”

Doncic This is now a well-known fact.

“Some people are just put on the planet and they’re doing exactly what they’re supposed to do,” Bill Duffy Doncic’s agent, who has known him since he was 14.

Recallers Doncic’s early days in Slovenia describe his play as the merging of genetic gifts and tunnel-vision devotion. Sasa was his father. DoncicFor many years, he was an active professional football player. He also had “the greatest court vision,” Damir Radenovic who worked with Sasa Doncic he is also the marketing director of the Basketball Federation of Slovenia

Luka Doncic could always be found in his father’s shadow, begging to take shots during downtime or talking in the locker room. “He learned, maybe unconsciously, some of those veteran things,” Marko Milic was a Mavericks assistant coaches and the first Slovene player to be drafted in the N.B.A. in 1997.

His playing against other children of his age was just too easy. Doncic. Grega Brezovec mentored an 8-year old Doncic For approximately 13 minutes. “OK, Luka, this is not for you,” He recalled what he told him just before he moved him to a group consisting of 12-14-year-olds.

Doncic Jernej, one of his youth coaches, was concerned about the effects of drills on his prepubescent bodies. Sometimes he tried to send. Doncic Home, but only for Doncic He pleaded with his family to allow Smolnikar back onto the court.