The following is a list of the most recent and relevant articles. Luke Kuechly retired from the N.F.L. in 2020 at At 28, he played for eight outstanding years as a Linebacker at the Carolina Panthers sustained injuries at At least three concussions documented.

He Join other stars under the The NFL has lost several players over the age of 30, such as quarterback Andrew Luck and tight-end Rob Gronkowski. They left football because they were worried about their health. the Long-term effects of sports participation. After a year, Gronkowksi has returned to the game.

The following are some of the ways to get in touch with each other KuechlyEven though he is 32 years old, he still maintains close relationships with the After working as a scout with his old team for one season, Greg Olsen is now coaching 12-year-olds in football.

In a telephone interview with his Charlotte, N.C. home, Kuechly Discuss watching N.F.L. TuaTagovailoa, a player in the National Football League (NFL), has been hit by teammates. the head, whether he worries about his cognitive health, and what he tells his players’ parents about the The dangers of tackle Football

This interview is lightly edited and condensed for clarity.

When you went to Congress in November, it was to talk about traumatic brain injuries. How did you feel? the What was the level of your awareness?

Everyone understands the situation around T.B.I. Concussion and T.B.I. the I think everyone understands that there are things that can be done. I think everybody understands that there’s stuff that can be done. There are things that can be done. the More we can explain different viewpoints and ways of looking at The small things that can make a big difference are what I am talking about. the Better off We Are

You joined the N.F.L. When is 2012? the Awareness of concussions has changed dramatically. Have you noticed the difference?

The world is a small place. the N.F.L. The N.F.L. There’s a very stringent return to play policy, No. 1. No. 2, there’s independent spotters at Each game is a unique experience. at every stadium, and there’s multiple ones that their sole job is to watch the Game to check if anyone gets hurt or behaves abnormally. Then, you can play the game to see if anyone gets hit or acts abnormally. the N.F.L. has, in my opinion, done an excellent job at trying to maintain the Players safe the Give them the field the It is also important that they return safe to their game.

It sounds like you’ve had several concussions. You had several concussions. the others?

Look at the picture at other guys, you learn from other guys, you talk to a lot of guys — and that’s what you hear, is: “Hey, let yourself get better. Once you’re better, you can go back out there.” So that’s what I learned, fortunately early on, from our trainers and our coaches and different doctors and guys that I played with who said this isn’t like a sprained ankle where you can just deal with it and get through it and tough it out. This is something where you’ve got to be smart and understand that this is a different situation. Let it improve.

You think so? the Culture of walking away the You can play with your friends by clicking here. at A relatively young age is changing in the You were there for a certain period of time the N.F.L.?

Barry Sanders has stepped down a couple years too early, if you think back. Calvin Johnson has obviously left. Gronk also walked away. The way it happens to me is that I just think so. at Everyone has a point of view. [Sanders and Johnson both retired at 30. Gronkowski announced his first retirement at 29.]

What did you do as a Scout? the Panthers for 2020 Why?

I love football, I love being around the game, I love being around the guys. It was an excellent opportunity to slow, but surely overtake the other guys. the Course of the Transition away from the Teamwork is important, as well as being able be with the team. the To be a part of the game and make an impact. And obviously there’s quite a bit of structure involved with that just because we were there pretty much every day working on different projects, checking the waiver wires, looking at Agents of free choice

I assume you watched what happened to Tua Tagovailoa last year. This made you feel a little uncomfortable.

No. It’s not about me. I want my guys to stay safe. The safety of my guys is the most important thing to me. the The opportunity to enjoy as many games as possible the It is a game they enjoy. However, I believe that everyone in the game will love it. the N.F.L. understands that it’s a violent game. It’s physical, it’s tough. There’s big strong guys running around, and getting hurt is kind of inevitable. Tua can play for as long as Tua likes, as I hope he will. I just want to make sure he plays as safely as possible. But ultimately it’s kind of the game right now: It’s just big guys running fast, hitting hard, lifting weights. The world is a very fast-paced place.

Last week, a study was released. Looked at It’s not only the The number of hits a player takes the The cumulative effect of their career. Are you concerned about the long-term health of your brain?

I’m not worried about it, but I’m very aware of it. Since I’ve got done playing, I’ve read a lot. I’ve done a lot of homework. I’ve talked to a lot of people. I’m not worried about it, but I’m very aware of like, “Hey, there are certain things that you can do that are going to be beneficial and might as well take advantage of it.”

Think about it the Healthy lifestyle is my biggest priority. Healthy living is important to me. I try to eat healthy, sleep well and exercise. Engage your brain.

When you’re coaching, what do you tell parents who are concerned about the Safety of the game?

Many people have asked me: “Hey, you do what you think is best for your child. You’re their parent. You ultimately know what’s best for them.” Just a few words about the positives, whether it’s what I’ve learned about toughness, how to fight through things, how to build relationships, the people that I’ve met through the game, the experiences I’ve had with the game.