New 14 inch and 16-inch MacBook Pros The powered by M2 Pro and M2 Max Chips are faster SSD Tests show that writers can write faster than their predecessors. and Reviews of new laptops.

Select reviewers will be featured this week and Media outlets were able to view the updated version. MacBook Pros Before their availability, which will be Tuesday, January 24, They will be reviewing the product. Macworld and Tom’s Guide The test was successful SSD Please read and Write speeds of M2 Pro and M2 Max Apple’s latest laptops feature chips.

If Macworld Blackmagic’s disk speed app was used to test the 16-inch MacBook Pro With M2 Pro A 2TB storage array achieved an average read speed of 5.372 MB/s and It has a maximum write speed 6,491MBps. This 14-inch model was the previous generation. MacBook Pro An M1 Pro Chip and A 1TB hard drive scored slightly more than the 16 inch storage at 5,797 MBps. M2 ProHowever, the write speed was lower at 5,321 MBps.

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According to Tom’s Guide, Blackmagic’s speed tests have been completed

Results of tests published by Tom’s Guide The new also shows that M2 Pro Has faster writing speeds than the M1 ProHowever, the read speeds are slightly slower. Test the 14-inch MacBook Pro With M2 MaxIt scored the same as the 16-inch laptop. M2 Proobtaining a reading speed of 5,319 MBps and Write speed at 6,402 MBps

However, the new MacBook Pros These tests show that the read speed is slightly slower. Users will not notice any difference in their everyday performance, unless they are working with large files. Temporal storage speed and Other factors can also affect performance, like storage capacity.

It was revealed that Apple had significantly reduced its employee numbers last year. SSD The speeds M2 Base model MacBook Add one more to your Air SSD Chip in the laptop. The laptop has 256GB storage. MacBook Air is equipped with a single NAND chips, making it up to 50% slower to read. and Writing speeds can be up to 30% slower Base models from the past MacBook Air had two NAND chips, instead of just one. Apple stated in a statement, “Air featured two NAND chips instead of one.” MacBook Air is “even faster” Real-world results and A “higher density NAND” chip.

The latest reviews M2 Pro and M2 Max Chips in the new 14-inch version and 16-inch MacBook Pros The new chips’ performance and longer battery life were praised by users. and New ports like HDMI 2.1 support. The updated 16-inch display is possible because of the increased efficiency of new chips. MacBook Pro This Mac’s longest-lasting battery lasts up to 22 hours.