Apparently, MacklemoreThe family is a stronghold for his artistic vision. Before the debut of his sophomore album, “Ben,” The 3 March 2013 “Thrift Shop” Sloane Ava Simone Haggerty was 7 years old when rapper asked her to be his daughter to You can collaborate with him to create the music video for his song “No Bad Days.” “This one is gonna be special… Directed by Sloane,” On February 20, the father uploaded an Instagram video with captions showing his proud daughter and a red heart emoticon.

“I love your visual aesthetic. I absolutely love your style.”

“I’m a little bit nervous asking you this, if I’m being honest,” Macklemore He said this in the video and added that he was amazed by her recent achievements. “producing” work. He continued, “You knew exactly what you wanted. I was so impressed with your work ethic; with your eye. I love your visual aesthetic. I absolutely love your style.”

Sloane quickly caught onto the action as it was building. to The plan of her father. “Crazy idea — if you don’t like it we don’t have to do it,” He said: “No Bad Days” The music was played in silence. “[For the] ‘No Bad Days’ music video, I need a director. And I was thinking, what if you directed the music video?” The 7-year old was so excited, she covered her face with surprise and joy before her father could finish the question. Sloane accepted the offer from her dad and ran to his arms, embracing him in a tender embrace. “That’s a yes!” “She exclaimed. Interview with her December 20, 21st, 2021 People, Macklemore He noted that his daughter had a “great ear.” “She holds nothing back, and she hurts my feelings regularly, so she’s doing her job as a daughter,” He laughed. “She likes to get in the studio. She goes in and freestyles. Her beatboxing has gotten really good, she taught herself to beatbox.”

He has spoken out about his struggle with alcohol and drug dependency over the years. “Relapsing is always hard,” He wrote the 2022 essay in an article published in Today. “It’s traumatic for myself and for my family. I’ve had three relapses in the last six years. The amount of pain and damage that I can do very quickly in losing the trust of others happens instantaneously.”

Today, Macklemore He is sober, and he dedicates his life to it. to His family, and his artistic talent in the studio. His family and his artistry in the studio. “Can’t Hold Us” Tricia Davis is the rapper’s spouse. They have three children together: Sloane (7 years old), Colette (four-year-old) and Hugo Jack (1-year).