KUALA LUMPUR: Voting closed in Malaysia Saturday with The scandal-hit ex-leader Najib Rasak was jailed ruling party To consolidate its power in It is important to have a tight fitting wardrobe race with Anwar Ibrahim’s coalition.
The leader of the popular opposition campaigned on a promise that he would fight corruption in Southeast Asia’s third largest economy is where people are struggling with Food prices are on the rise
Despite fears about long lines at polling centers across the country, there was no shortage of people waiting. Monsoon rains, and According to AFP, voters hoped for political stability. and Economic improvement
“I want a strong government and a stable economy so that there will be more job opportunities for the youth,” Nurul Hazwani Frdon, a tutor at 20 years old, stated this as she went to vote in Bera is a small rural town in Pahang state.
People lined up in social media posts in Outside a voting center, knee-deep water in Sarawak state is located on Borneo island.
One Twitter video showed an old lady being carried on the back of another person into a flooded polling area.
According to the Election Commission, turnout for 21 million registered voters was 70% at 4 PM (0800GMT) two hours earlier than the deadline polls closed.
Najib’s United Malays National Organisation, (UMNO), is a dominant force in Malaysian politics. However, it was defeated humiliatingly in After a huge corruption scandal at 1MDB, the 2018 general elections were held.
The former prime minister, who was at center of 1MDB storm, is currently in 12 year jail.
Infighting in Despite lingering corruption allegations, the two previous governments from 2018 saw UMNO return to power last year. and Is seeking a stronger mandate in Saturday’s election — called 10 Months ahead of schedule.
The UMNO-dominated ruling Barisan Nasional bloc up against Anwar and His friends.
This may be possible as the aging process is catching up AnwarThe last chance for him to fulfill his long-held dream of leading Malaysia.
“A win today would certainly be gratifying after more than two decades of fighting to win the hearts and minds of the people,” AnwarAFP, 75-year-old Antoine told AFP before casting his ballot in Penang state.
He said that he was “cautiously confident” His Pakatan Harapan (Alliance of Hope), could win a simple majority in The 222-member parliament.
Ismail Sabri Yaakob (Caretaker Prime Minister), from the ruling coalition, cast his vote in Bera.
“I hope the voters will choose a government that can guarantee security and stability,” He told reporters.
In this predominantly Muslim country, 945 candidates are running for the seats of parliament.
Mahathir Mohamad (97), was a former prime minister. and Two other coalitions are headed by Muhyiddin Yassin, a 75-year-old.
Corruption was a central issue in the campaign. with Opposition parties have repeatedly warned that Najib could walk if UMNO win and Other graft charges party Leaders could be fired.
The 1MDB scandal in These billions of dollars in State funds were diverted towards Beverly Hills properties, including a superyacht and a Hollywood movie. and Investigations were initiated by Najib himself, who had a bank account. in Singapore, Switzerland and The United States.
Analysts stated that there wasn’t a clear winner among the four coalitions.
An online survey by Merdeka Centre, a pollster, showed that 80% of respondents were satisfied with the election eve. AnwarThe coalition won 82 of the total number contested seats. and 33 percent favor him as prime minister.
There were supposed to have been 222 seats up for grabs, but there were only two candidates. and voting in Bad weather caused one district to be closed.
Ibrahim Suffian, Merdeka analyst told AFP it was “still possible for Anwar to achieve a simple majority” Due to the high turnout in His campaign’s final days.
Malaysia It lowered the voting age to 21 from 18 last year. This added six millions voters to the rolls to vote in this election.
Nearly 1.4million of the total registered voters in Canada are aged 18-20.
Analysts claim that young voters prefer the progressive politics of the left.
However, the majority of registered voters live. in MalaysiaUMNO still dominates patronage politics in rural areas.
Analysts believe that multi-racial countries will be in For further political instability, if no coalition wins clear majority.