City’s management knew exactly where to look. Companies are linked one after the other. to Abu Dhabi and the United Arab Emirates has signed as City sponsors. Sponsors. City sky-blue shirts. Soon, the stadium in which it played home games will be renamed. the company, too. Etisalat is a majority-owned telecommunications company. the Emirati government joined together, along with several other countries.

These deals were a financial boon. the team’s sudden rise — City You won the Premier League title on the Last day the 2012 season, and then added another two years later — but they did not cover all of the team’s spending, and This was captured the eye of soccer’s financial regulators. The 2014 FIFA Financial Regulations Manchester City and Another Gulf-backed club, with great ambitions the Paris St.-Germain owned by Qatar, reached an agreement to After the discovery of the case, UEFA reached a settlement. to Have been in breach the governing body’s financial regulations.

An unpalatable outcome was the imposition of a multimillion-dollar penalty. to CityHowever, the chief investigator in the Case was so upset by the He settled on the It was officially announced on the day. CityIn the meantime, they continued to spend: on coaches, players. and Lawyers

In 2018, months after Manchester City’s latest star signing, Guardiola, clinched the Attained his first league title the club, the German newsmagazine Der Spiegel published a four-part series That it was exposed the Foundations beneathpinning City’s rise.

Numerous leaked documents are cited and email, Der Spiegel revealed one revelation after another In one articleAccording to it, one of City’s former managers had reportedly been paid more than his annual salary — almost $2 million — for a four-day consultancy contract with another soccer team, one based in Abu Dhabi and Also owned by Sheikh Mansour In anotherIt said Etihad. City’s main sponsor, was paying only a fraction of a sponsorship deal said to It is worth it £67.5 million ($81 million) per season. Most of these are the money, the This article was mentioned by another entity linked to City’s owners or the Government of the U.A.E.

“We mustn’t show the partner supplement if it is going outside the club,” City’s head of finance, Andrew Widdowson, wrote in one leaked email. Manchester City Has consistently rejected to Comment on the The content the It was leaking “criminally obtained.”