But With a New university president a Restructured Board of Trustees Manhattan envisions bigger things in basketball — as Iona did in hiring Pitino, and another league rival, St. Peter’s, did with its magical run to an N.C.A.A. tournament regional finals last spring.

Masiello’s contract, which ran this season through the end, was rejected when he applied for an extension last year. He hadn’t had a The Jaspers have won every season since 2015 when they advanced to the N.C.A.A. for the second straight season.

“Look at the record,” Marianne Reilly is the athletic director. “That’s all I’ll say.”

Masiello wasn’t the only person who left when Masiello was fired. Perez was transferred to West Virginia by the N.C.A.A. Perez was denied permission to transfer to West Virginia by the N.C.A.A. a Waiver to become eligible immediately Omar Silverio (guard) also left. a According to Cory Underwood, his former youth coach and forward Samba dillo, he plans to transfer to Hofstra. a Reserve key who is at Manhattan working on a graduate degree.

Suddenly, a Team with great dreams were thrown into chaos.

Manhattan Is 6-12 a Record that contains a loss to Monmouth — the Hawks’ only win this season — and a 40-point shellacking at Providence, which was the Jaspers’ only scheduled television appearance this season. They’re 4-5 in conference play, and have won two. a row and before the Iona loses a Rider lost 67 to 65 on Sunday. It was the Jaspers’ fifth loss by 3 or fewer points or in overtime.

Manhattan Is a peculiar team. The team is not only old with nine senior members, but also has a lot of experience. There are also 31 stores. a Former captain, who was born in Bronx and played on two N.C.A.A. Attended tournaments at Manhattan Masiello was then his coach. He is currently the Division I’s second-youngest head coaching. Drew Valentine from Loyola Chicago, however is the youngest.

Pitino is a strong, grizzled man who can raise his hands. a Stores raised grievances with officials. a Referee as though he was asking permission.

The Jaspers were playing messy basketball for most of Friday night. They seemed unprepared to play with Iona. Iona led early in the second quarter, at 49-34. But James Jewell a This is a freshman wing from Louisville Ky. a Sparkle with his determination.