March 14

March 14 in Pop Culture History

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Children’s Craft Day
Crowdfunding Day
Genius Day
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National Pi Day
Potato Chip Day
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National Write Down Your Story Day
(*14*)44 BC – Casca and Cassius decided that Mark Antony should stay alive during the Caesar assassination the next day.

(*14*)1794 – Eli Whitney was issued a US Patent (#X0072) for his cotton gin.

(*14*)1839 – Sir John Herschel referred to ‘photography’- his new word – in A lecture for the Royal Society

(*14*)1899 – Count Ferdinand von Zeppelin was issued a US Patent (#621,195) for the invention of his “Navigable Balloon,&#8221The Zeppelin is a rigid airship.

(*14*)1900 – The Gold Standard Act is ratified, placing United States currency on the gold standard. Today, it isn’t used by any other country.

(*14*)1936 – The first all-sound film version of Show Boat Radio City Music Hall opened the doors.

(*14*)1947 – The US signed a 99-year lease on naval bases in The Philippines

(*14*)1950 – The Federal Bureau of Investigation instituted the “Ten Most Wanted Fugitives&#8221Liste (List)

(*14*)1951 -UPI photographer Arthur Sasse asked Albert Einstein to smile, but instead, he stuck his tongue out, hence we have the famous photo.albert einstein tongue
1958 – The Recording Industry Association of America awarded Perry Como the first Gold Record (500,000 sold) for Falling Star Catching.

(*14*)1975 – The Same Time Next Year (Broadway Play). Opened on March 141977 and closed: September 3, 1978

(*14*)1987 – #1 Hit March 14, 1987 – March 20, 1987: Huey Lewis and the News – Jacob’s Ladder

(*14*)1998 – #1 Hit March 14, 1998 – April 3, 1998: Will Smith – Gettin’ Jiggy Wit It

(*14*)2011 – Aflac Insurance fired Gilbert Gottfried, the voice of the Aflac Spokesduck, for an offensive online tweet about the Japan earthquake.



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