March 23

March 23 in Pop Culture History

March 23rd is…
Chia Seeds Day – a day to celebrate these tiny but mighty superfoods! These seeds contain antioxidants, fiber and Omega-3 Fatty Acids. You can add them to yogurt and salads for an easy and delicious way of getting a healthy energy boost.
Chip and Dip Day
Cuddly Kitten Day
Melba Toast Day
Meteorological day
Miss Day in the Nearby Area
OK Day
Puppy Day
Ravenclaw Pride Day
Tamale Day

Iran: 893 (Earthquake).

1775 – Patrick Henry delivered his ‘Give me liberty, or give me death!’ speech at St. John’s Episcopal Church in Richmond, Virginia.

1839 – The initials ‘O.K.’ were first published in The Boston Morning Post. It was meant as an abbreviation for ‘oll correct,’ a popular slang misspelling of ‘all correct’ at the time.

1840 – John William Draper took the first successful photo of the Moon—actually, a daguerreotype, a precursor of the photograph.

1857 – Elisha Otis’s first elevator was installed at 488 Broadway, New York City.

1913 (Tornado) Omaha, Nebraska

1956 – Pakistan became the first Islamic republic in All over the globe.

1963 – #1 Hit March 23, 1963 – March 29, 1963: Ruby & the Romantics – We will all live to see the day

1974 – #1 Hit March 23, 1974 – March 29, 1974: Cher – Dark Lady

1982 – Joanie Loves Chachi ABC premiered the program

1983 – President Ronald Reagan introduced the Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI), now called “Star Wars,&#8221To the American conversation.

1983 – Dr. Barney C. Clark, the first recipient of a permanent artificial heart, died at the University of Utah’s Medical Center after 112 days with the device.

1996 – #1 Hit March 23, 1996 – May 3, 1996: Celine Dion – You loved me because

1998 – James Cameron’s Titanic Received 11 Academy Awards.

2000 – Assistance (Broadway Musical). Opened March 23Closed on, 2000, and. September 5, 2004

2001 – The Russian space station, Mir, ended 15 years in orbit by burning up, entering Earth’s atmosphere, mostly burning up in The atmosphere and the splashing in the Pacific Ocean.

2014 – Les Miserables (Broadway Musical). Opened March 23, 2014, and Closed  on September 4, 2016 (revival)