Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.), a conspiracy theorist who once claimed there’s no evidence a plane hit the Pentagon on 9/11He made an absurd comparison between terrorist attacks on that day and the Chinese spy balloon which was shot down earlier in the month.

The balloon crossed the country and was downed when it reached the Atlantic Ocean to prevent injuries on the ground ― a line of reasoning that Greene So called “pathetic, absolutely pathetic” And “a bunch of bullshit” during a local GOP event in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, on Saturday.

The balloon was given to her in the following size comparison: “three school buses,” The size of an airplane, specifically the jetliner that crashed in Shanksville (PA) on Sept. 11, 2001.

“Remember that? It didn’t kill anybody on the ground. Killed everyone on board. But it didn’t kill anyone on the ground,” Greene said. “So they want to tell all of us that it was too risky to take down that Chinese spy balloon over rural Idaho or Montana, or any of these other states, or Alaska? They’re liars!”

Greene Another set of conspiracies were created.

“You can only see it two ways,” After she spoke, she proceeded with three. “Either they’re liars or they’re cowards or our president is sold out to China. You know what? I’ll go with all three.”

It was uploaded to Twitter by PatriotTakesThe Observer of Right-Wing Media:

GreeneHouse Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R.Calif.) is close to McCarthy. McCarthy spoke at the white nationalist event in 2017. McCarthy had previously accepted conspiracy theories. 9/11.

In 2018, she claimed “there’s never any evidence shown for a plane in the Pentagon.” That she attempted to return some of that in 2021 was by saying “9/11 absolutely happened.”

That day saw four hijacked planes. Two planes were flown deliberately into New York’s World Trade Center and one to the Pentagon. Fourth crashed in Shanksville in Pennsylvania after hijackers were discovered by passengers. It was stopped from reaching the U.S. Capitol.

On that date, around 3,000 people were murdered.

Greene’s critics on Twitter were left baffled by her comparison: