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Marvel Snap Second Dinner is the developer of Second Dinner. They are enjoying a lot. of attention. Its publisher, Nuverse, is Flying under radar a bit less

Nuverse is the Arm yourself with video games of ByteDance, the Same Chinese company owns TikTok. And just Like that video app Nuverse also has international ambitions.

I had a chance to talk with Nuverse’s senior director of global business, Tom van Dam. I asked him about the publisher’s global plans, the Success early of Marvel Snap, the Future of the mobile gaming More information about market Below is An edited transcript of Check out our interview.

GamesBeat: What exactly are Nuverse’s responsibilities as Marvel Snap’s publisher?


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Van Dam We’re the Publisher worldwide for Marvel SnapThis means that we are able to do. the Marketing for the game, including user acquisition, branding and everything that’s outward facing. Customer support is one of our specialties. We also offer a variety of services. of Support and operational activities of Continue the content that’s available to players by running events that are connected to the game, but don’t necessarily burden the Development team the All at the same time. This creates great synergy.

GamesBeat is Although this is still a fairly new publisher brand, you do have the following: Marvel game and you’re able to work with a new studio like Second Dinner and brands like One Piece.

Van Dam Yeah, the company’s been around for roughly five years, and then I’m talking specifically about Nuverse, which is the gaming Unit of ByteDance. So there’s a five year history, that’s relatively new. As you can see, it is quite different from other players. the industry, I think it’s a new company. However, we have over 1000 employees of People are now. It’s definitely not a small operation, it’s definitely an operation that’s been set up at scale to aim for the top of the We recruited high-end talent from backgrounds not available to other companies. And so, as we build this, this organization that aims to provide essentially fun and inspiring spent experiences to gamers worldwide, we’ve set out to work with other partners that also subscribed to that particular version that wants to go big.

One Piece is Electronic Arts is a great example. We have also made a deal. for the Red Alert IP China Marvel, of course, is A great one. So there’s many. of these. We started well, and there will definitely be more in the future. the future.

Marvel Snap is It’s fast, easy and enjoyable to play.

GamesBeat: I’m mostly familiar with Marvel SnapBut I don’t think so. of They are my readers. These are my top tips. of the Other types of Highlights in your portfolio

Van Dam Well, we’ve had a lot of Ragnarok is a success story in Asia. the Red Alert 4X was a great game, and we’re looking forward to launching Earth: Revival. That’s going to be a product that’s also going to come to gamers in the West. However, you will know the truth. Marvel Snap This launch was our largest flagship in the history of the company. the Western markets. So I think it’s natural that that’s the Everyone gets to play the first game.

GamesBeat: We’re a few months past the launch of Marvel Snap now. It’s happened. the Was there any reaction from the players?

Van Dam Yeah, we’ve been blown away. The moment was very tense. for everyone at Nuverse for Hope that our Second Dinner partners will join us. the launch would go well, and I think we’ve seen amazing sentiments from players and from the media.

GamesBeat: A digital game of cards is what we think about at GamesBeat the It is obvious is Sell cards to customers and pack of cards. Marvel Snap is Try a new type of You can sell bundles and season passes through a monetization program.

Van Dam Yeah, that’s right. You have. the This method is used in classic CCG games of selling cards, I think it’s one of the Things that the We wanted Second Dinner to be a new team. the Genre also implied potential for innovation the The monetary side. And it’s been well received. You can see a lot. of Modern games and cosmetic monetization is They are very well-liked. These are the best. for Those who wish to play fair and balanced games. just Put your time in the They have equal chance. So it’s a really good mix. I think it’s been very successful in other games, and it certainly seems to work out for Get in touch with us Snap You can also find them here.

GamesBeat: Marvel Snap It has enjoyed a strong reputation. start. Are you able to keep that momentum going?

Van Dam Yeah, we’re definitely going for Operational long-term. The game must continue to exist. for years. But of Naturally, it is possible to in the Short term the Next exciting update: the You finally get to battle mode the opportunity to play against someone you know, and we’re really excited about that, we’re hoping that people will really encourage their friends and everyone around them to have more games of of Snap [Battle Mode launched between the time of this interview and the publishing of this story]. Continue onwards. the future, you’re aware we already have an early-access version of the Steam. But that’s really just an early-access version, we’re planning a lot more for the Version PC And that’s probably another huge milestone for the This year, play.

Marvel Snap Battle Mode.
Marvel Snap Battle Mode was launched just recently.

GamesBeat: Mobile gaming Has been the same titles dominate for years. Do you find it hard to make a breakthrough in today’s music industry? the mobile field?

Van Dam Yeah, I would say it’s pretty difficult. It’s not a very predictable business either. It’s not a predictable business. You see large budgets and huge IPs but still no results. the The best results are also available for other games of lower budgets with unknown IP that suddenly start shooting to the top of the charts. So it’s unpredictable. It’s not always predictable. of Of course, you should have an emphasis on finding the best candidates. the Right teams. What Nuverse did with Second Dinner? of the internal studios that we’re building, you can increase the There are greater chances of you delivering a great game that people love, and therefore a higher chance that your company will be successful. the Top of market. And then of course, the Other things you might need is Marketing and advertising that is triple-A. the Financial firepower is required to play a video game. the top of the Charts are commonplace these days. It all depends on many factors. of ingredients. You can also use the following ingredients. of these ingredients, you can definitely increase your chances, and that’s what Nuverse is It is possible to try.

GamesBeat: You talked a little bit about having IP and how that’s not everything. However, it does seem to be a useful tool.

Van Dam Yeah, I’d agree with that. It’s amazing that that we have this partnership between Second Dinner, Marvel We and others of the EA is one of the other IP holders that I already mentioned. for Red Alert So, having the IP justThis makes it a bit simpler. This initial connection is what you need. the The IP industry can do between the Game and the Player is It’s really valuable. That’s why Marvel It was amazing for Our team is committed to promoting Marvel Snap You can also find them here.

GamesBeat: What is the best way to approach marketing in different markets?

Van Dam Nuverse is Publishing company that is globally-minded. It is something that people think of often. the publishers from Asia, they’re thinking about bringing their game to Asia, bringing their game to China. However, one of the Why I joined the Company was founded because of This is a global mentality. I’ve worked with Chinese companies who also want to become global. Nuverse, however, is what I believe to be the best. is Right, global just Focused on one area of the of the world. We have global thinking, so we can have decentralized global publishing. This means that there are many teams across different regions. of the world. There’s a team in the U.S., China, Japan, and Other Places. the The best way to approach local issues is to tie them into a larger plan that’s driven by a global strategy.

Also for example, for Marvel Snap, you know, it’s a game that works very well in the West. However, we also have great success in Japan & Korea. And we use local teams there under Nuverse that do what’s right for the game for These are the markets.

GamesBeat: What are the latest trends? mobile gaming What is Nuverse finding interesting?

Van Dam You know, it’s a sensitive period in the sense that we’re seeing a bit of An economic slowdown can have a negative impact on your ability to invest in the future. the Growth of the Global market slowing down is a trend that has been evident for many years. And so it’s really important that you find the Right products. But because a lot are going to fail, it’s hard to predict which ones are going to be successful. So it’s best to focus again on having a solid team that knows what it’s doing in the space, like, for For example, CCGs and Second Dinner. Publishing teams who have many years of experience are a great asset. of You will have a great experience with this category.

Nuverse – What is it trying to accomplish? is prioritize developer success. Two people who excel in their respective genres are better than one. the Game that they can think is That usually means that the game is something players love to play. And that allows you to, even in a perhaps contracting market, still have a game that’s really interesting for Players to play, and overall drives success.

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