The development Of Marvel’s Avengers is coming to The end. You can find the complete article at. blog post, developer Crystal Dynamics announced that the game won’t receive any new updates after March 31st, with support ending on September 30th (via IGN).

While you’ll still be able to Crystal Dynamics suggests that the game can be played in either single-player or multi-player mode. “can’t guarantee that we will be able to address issues that occur” after support ends.

The last — and final — balance update will take place in March, and from then on, all cosmetics, including “every Outfit, Takedown, and Nameplate” All remaining credits will be free of charge and available without any purchase. All remaining credit “will be converted into in-game resources,” Crystal Dynamics states. It also provides a chart for the types and number of resources you’ll get based on the credits you have, which you can see below.

Crystal Dynamics has added many characters over the years. to Its lineup includes Black Panther, The Mighty Thor and Kate Bishop. Marvel’s Avengers’ last update took place in November and saw the addition of the Cloning Lab Omega-Level Threat mission and the Winter Soldier. Crystal Dynamics has confirmed that Spider-Man will continue to be a PlayStation Exclusive.

“We know this is disappointing news as everyone in our community has such a connection to these characters and their stories,” Crystal Dynamics’ post reads. “We’re so, so grateful that you came on this adventure with us.”

Users will be still able to access the site. to You can purchase physical copies Marvel’s Avengers The game won’t be sold online for Xbox One, PS4, PS5 and Xbox Series X/S after September 30, 2013.