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Exfoliating is important for all skin types and tones. That might sound like a bold statement but it’s an important part of any skincare routine. Exfoliating helps reduce wrinkles, pores size, acne and other skin problems. However, not all exfoliators work the same. This is what I was looking for. Mary Kay Clinical Solutions PHA + AHA Resurfacer It uses mild ingredients that gently slough away dead skin, without damaging the moisture barrier.

Three types of exfoliation are available: chemical, physical and mechanical. We’re talking chemical exfoliation here because even though it sounds harsh, it can be the most gentle option. Each AHA has its own unique job. This exfoliating serum, for example, contains glycolic acid which can be tolerated by most skin types. This AHA has the lowest molecular weight and is easy to penetrate skin. Glycolic acids are a favourite because of their ability to reduce hyperpigmentation, even skin tone, and prevent breakouts.


Mary Kay.

As you can see from the name, there aren’t just AHAs in this serum, which is another reason why it’s so great. There’s also gluconolactone, a poly-hydroxy acid (PHAIt has a smaller molecular structure and works on the superficial level of skin. It is gentle enough to be used daily. The other ingredient in this exfoliating treatment is glycerin. This is a moisturizing agent that boosts moisture levels. It will soothe any irritation caused by the exfoliating ingredients.

My skin is pretty sensitive so I’m careful about what exfoliators I use. It caused no irritation, and it was easy to use on multiple days at once without any extra hydration. I noticed a smoother texture on my skin and fewer blackheads. I’ll have to use it for longer to see if it helps with hyperpigmentation, too. Even more impressive, it’s $38, a steal compared to similar formulas three times the price. If you aren’t using daily retinol and you’re new to AHAs, it’s a great addition to your routine.


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