Two Maryland brothers This week, DNA technology enabled us to identify the two men who raped a Virginia woman brutally 34 years ago. police said.

George Thomas Jr., and Gregory Allen Thomas of Arlington were finally arrested as the creeps who forced a 22 year-old woman into her car to rape her repeatedly. in August 1988 Fairfax County Police announced.

George, aged 61, was detained at a Maryland Monday, train station Gregory, Gregory’s older brother, passed away Monday. in 2009.

“In this case, justice is delayed But justice is not denied,” Chief Kevin Davis spoke during a Tuesday press conference.

Two brothers They allegedly followed the victim, but have never been identified. policeAs she left her Skyline Mall job at 10:40 pm, she moved into the garage.

George and Gregory forced her into her car and made her drive to a secluded and wooded location, Major Ed O’Carroll said.

After defiling their victim the brothers She was again forced to get into her 1987 Ford Escort again and forced her to drive to another place where she was raped. police said.

Police claimed that the composite sketch looked strikingly similar to the one in the following: brothers.
Farfax County Police Department

The second assault was successful and the woman was freed. police. Fairfax County police officers collected an “abundant amount of forensic evidence,” O’Carroll said. O’Carroll said that the victim remembered the face one of the victims. brothers Well enough to police to develop a composite sketch.

“It’s remarkable — The resemblance is uncanny,” Davis.

Despite the abundance of DNA evidence, and numerous calls-in tips, police Could not find a match in Virginia or national databases until 2022. Officers attribute this to recent technological advances in DNA technology.

An FCPD fingerprint examiner matched fingerprints in The vehicle to the newly available arrest records on File in the Alexandria database that matched Gregory and George, O’Carroll said.

The victim's car.
The brothers Their victim was allegedly forced into a car by the perpetrators and then forced to drive to isolated areas.
Farfax County Police Department

Gregory died 13 years before his time. police DNA analysis confirmed that he was involved in The sadistic attack.

George was also questioned by police. He was then arrested after police took a piece of a cigar that he smoked.

“He might have smoked his last cigar. They’re not giving cigars out of jail,” O’Carroll said.

“If it wasn’t a match, we would have moved on. It was a match. He raped our victim in 1988.”

According to police, brothers were involved in Other crimes in the last decade in Addition to the horrible 1988 rape.

George denies being involved in Three-decade-old attack and told police According to officers, he was not familiar with the case.

“I beg to differ. My detectives beg to differ. The evidence is abundant and clear,” O’Carroll said.

George is facing two counts of sodomy, rape and abduction. He is currently being held at a Maryland detention center, but will be extradited from Virginia.

“He’ll spend this Thanksgiving and hopefully many, many many Thanksgivings incarcerated for the crimes that he committed,” Davis said.