Mississippi man who shot six people in an erratic shooting spree that left him dead, including his stepfather (and ex-wife) had A history of mental Disease and “snapped” The Post learned about the incident before it happened. 

Person close to the gunman Richard CrumThe Post received a statement from Judith, 52. She said that the killer was her father. “has been mentally ill his whole life.”

The individual, who requested anonymity and did not specify the shooter’s condition, said Crum was disabled and had he was taking medications to control his condition.

“He just finally snapped,” They added, “Mental illness is a serious thing.”

Two handguns and a shotgun are all you need. Crum Brad Lance of Tate County said that the bloody rampage that took place Friday morning in Arkabutla was a result. 

Arkabutla has 285 residents and is located approximately 30 miles from Memphis, Tennessee.

CrumOn Friday, 52-year-old Emmanuel allegedly shot his stepfather and exwife.

You will need to pull into the parking lot of a convenience store at 11 AM. Crum According to reports, the gunman fired at the truck near him killing Chris Eugene Boyce 59 of Lakeland Florida. had Doug and he were sat in the car.

Doug ran through nearby forests and managed to escape injury.

Boyce’s aunt, Norma Washington, said that the brothers We were there to assist them in fixing up the property. had Their late uncle passed it on to them. 

“I lost my brother, and now this one,” Washington stated. “This has been something else.”

Convenience store parking lot with a sheriff's truck outside.
Crum According to police, Chris Eugene Boyce died after turning into a parking lot for a convenience shop.

Crum Then he drove to Debra, his ex-wife. CrumHe fatally shot and assaulted her new husband George Drane. 

The couple had Just returned from a doctor’s visit, where Debra had recently suffered a stroke. Local news station WMC reported

“I wrestled with him, and I lost, as you can see,” WMC was told by Drane that his head was covered in bandages and that he was fighting back tears. “We had a good day at the doctor’s office. We ate some soup when we got home and we were going to go into town.”

Sheriff's truck and cars outside a tree-lined area.
Victim Debra Crum’s husband was injured while attempting to fight off the shooter.

Law enforcement investigating the shootings in Arkabutla, Miss.
Friday’s deadly shootings occurred in the rural town of Arkabutla, Miss.

Crum then burst into a neighboring home and allegedly killed his stepfather, George McCain, 73, and stepfather’s sister Lynda, 78.

The police eventually detained the suspects Crum outside of his home, where they found two more bodies killed by gunfire — one in the road, and another in a car. Ernie Lentz, Deputy Tate County Sheriff, identified the victims as Charles Manuel (76) and John Rorie (59). 

Crum Boyce was killed in an attack on Boyce’s home. Boyce was charged with the first degree murder. Authorities said that investigators were currently looking into additional charges. 

The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives said its agents were assisting the sheriff’s department and state investigators. 

The motive behind the shootings is still unknown by authorities. 

This is possible with Post wires.