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Mauricio Umansky The following article was published: on Monday’s episode of Teddi Mellencamp You can also find out more about the following: Tamra judge‘s podcast, where he offered an update on His relationship with his brother-in law Rick Hilton.

Sharing which Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star he’d like to see back and who he hopes never returns, dishing on His and Kyle Richards‘ efforts to welcome a son, and reacting to the renewal of Beverly Hills for Sale, Mauricio Shared if He and Rick Today, we are fortunate.

“Season two. It’s official. We start filming, and it’s gonna be so much fun. Lots of real estate porn. Lots of drama, a lot of really fun stuff. I can’t wait to dig deeper with my daughters into some of the stuff that we’re already digging deeper in right now in terms of the whole succession and what that looks like,” Mauricio His Netflix series teased on The April 10th episode of Two Ts in a Pod.

Beverly Hills for Sale Follow us on Instagram Mauricio, his stepdaughter, Farrah AldjufrieThe oldest of his daughters, Alexia UmanskyHe says he is “most similar” to him,” as they work as realtors in Los Angeles. And, while it’s just one season in, Mauricio can’t remember how the idea came about.

“We’ve been trying to do this thing for four, five years now. COVID got in the way … But I was so excited to have Netflix pick it up,” He recalled. “It’s an international company, 190 countries, plus or minus, I think, and it’s just such a great platform, and I just love it. I love working with them. So now we’re on two networks, on Netflix and on Bravo, which is great.”

Kyle appeared only via FaceTime on Beverly Hills – Purchasing Season one is now available. Mauricio Fans will get to see her more. on The second season of the show is now on.

“I think you’re gonna see a lot more of Kyle on season two of Buying Beverly Hills. That is the plan,” Definitely, he said.

Kyle is currently busy filming. RHOBH Season 13 When asked what they thought of the show Mauricio revealed who he’d like — and not like — to return.

“Definitely to come back it’s you, [Teddi Mellencamp]. We need you back. We miss you. We miss hanging out with you guys … You just brought so much,” Mauricio He told his friend and former co-star. “And for me, you know the answer to who I would never see again at this moment. It’s Lisa Vanderpump.”

“I just think what she did to Kyle was just so mean and so not cool, and I just [am] not happy about that,” He clarified.

The following is a list of the most recent and relevant articles. Mauricio When asked whether he or Kyle would ever want to have a son, he said yes. “We did that with Portia. That was Portia.”

The following is a list of MauricioHe and Kyle attended science classes in the hopes that they would welcome a boy before Portia.

“I went to the doctor and tried to spin for a boy, and it just didn’t take, and it didn’t take. I think we tried three times, and ultimately I just said to Kyle, I go, ‘Honey, lets just have our last baby and let God decide,’” He revealed. “And literally, [we] had sex once, and out came a girl.”

Also, on The podcast Mauricio Updated information is available on RickHe had a long-standing feud with a former colleague in the real estate industry.

“We have a very good relationship now,” He shared. “I don’t see him that often, but every time we do, we’re very cordial. Thank God, we have a great relationship. We hope it remains that way.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 13 is in production now and will premiere soon on Bravo, perhaps later this year.